Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ace's Valentines

With Ace in school it means that he gets to participate in a Valentine's Day party which means making Valentines for all of his classmates and passing them out.   Which also means for this mommy one more creative outlet!    Ace really has been into pirates lately.  He loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates,  he loves to dress up like a pirate, and let's not forget the 3rd birthday party that was pirate themed!    So when I came across Mer Mag's post with such cute little pirate themed Valentines I couldn't resist (she's got super cute girl pirates too!)  
I printed them out, cut them out, and then put Ace to work writing the "A" in his name.  I didn't want to force him to write his whole name.   After all this is his first exposure to Valentine's of this nature and I didn't want it to seem like work - I wanted it to be fun.   So without hesitation Ace sat down and wrote his "A" over and over 12 times.   He did a great job.  It honestly was the first time he has sat down and done something like this.  Although I school him regularly on various things - we haven't really started practicing writing his letters - so now that he's got the A pretty well down - I think we might start to practice with some of his other letters.

After he finished his portion of the Valentines I got started doing the rest.  I sewed on the little felt heart eye patch, wrote "You're GRRReat!" on all of them, finished writing out his name and eventually sewed a bag of M&Ms (Ace's choice) to the back of each one using a nice wave pattern.   

His Valentines were a hit (and the only 'homemade' ones)  He was very excited to tell me all about how they walked around with their Valentines and put one in each of the kids folders that were attached to their chairs.  I was glad he was so excited to share his treats.  :)   

Now for a side note... I don't seem to recall candy being as so much of a Valentine's Day thing - I remember a lot of little cards with various characters - but not so much the candy... anyone else remember the same from 'our' childhood or was I just among an unpopular crowd of stingy candy givers?  ;-)

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Mrs. G said...

How about Valentines that came with an envelope! It was a big deal to have some candy hearts tucked into each. A bulge in your valentine was a nice thing to see in the mail box pouch.