Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Piñata Playdate!

About three weeks ago, Mae had her first birthday party and at the same time is when the snow began to fall that remained for about a week around here in the NW.   It was pretty epic, both party and snow... but there was a lonely little owl piñata that sat unused.   It was decided a playdate would be scheduled for the party guests so that the excitement could still be had.  As it worked out delaying the piñata fun was a good idea, because two extra friends were able to be in attendance that would have missed the party regardless of the snow! V strung up the piñata, decided the order and away we went! 

There were enough strings to be pulled that everyone was able to go twice - in fact even after all the strings were pulled all the loot had to be shaken out.  You see the loot that was in the piñata wasn't candy (that tends to have some weight)  but more crowd friendly items for the 3 and under crowd.  AKA non-choking hazards!   It was filled with party themed rubber ducks, plastic slinkies, star shaped sunglasses and mini Frisbees.   All were great hits and just enough loot for the little ones to care about. 

There was a decent enough frenzy when it was time to collect the loot that it was amusing, especially as some of the younger ones (my daughter and the twins) were enjoying putting other items like fridge magnets, etc..into their loot bags.  :)    Lots of fun was had with all the items in the piñata - and a few that weren't.

Ace decided after some time had passed, while everyone was busy playing with their loot that he'd go survey the piñata and take inventory to see if there was anything left in the piñata - and he scored himself an extra pair of sunglasses.  :)

It was a great afternoon filled with lots of kiddos playing together, running around the house, and for a moment all being seemingly healthy!    Seven kids all able to be in the same room together - hooray!  Although both of mine today now have icky coughs, so I apologize if the other five are developing them too and we were the carrier monkeys - I suppose it's nearly impossible to avoid, but hooray for symptom free piñata playdate!

We joked it looks like Mae is thanking everyone for coming.  :)

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