Monday, February 20, 2012

Our Valentine's Day

I can't believe it has been a week since Valentine's Day already!   Time certainly flies when you're having fun!!  On Valentine's Eve after the kids went to bed - I decided to work like a little Valentine's elf (they have to have jobs besides, Christmas ya know!)  and ready the dining room table with some Valentine's surprises for my kids.    

I wanted it to be a special morning for my kids this year - if I'll go for 'gusto' every year it remains to be seen but this year there were presents, festive breakfasts, and thematically colored matching clothing. :)

The chip in the bowl looks much more angry than it really is...
Who can resist M&M Red Sugar Oatmeal?  Ace certainly didn't!
Ace headed off to school and enjoyed his party and Mae and I had some time to play and just be silly after a few errands.    Before we left to go pick up Ace I made him a special lunch with a bit of a theme and more candy, because well it's a holiday so why not!?  :) 

After we got home the kids had a good time posing for some Valentine's photos with mom before nap time and we had a giggling good time. 

Now what about the husband?  He was very thoughtful this year and gave me a tutorial book on Lightroom that I had been wanting and he ordered me flowers.  The flowers were supposed to arrive on Monday of that week - because it was cheaper to deliver them then and well I'm all for that.  However, they called him and said they'd be unable to make it on Monday, could they deliver on Tuesday (Valentine's Day)  "I guess" was said with a sheepish smile.  :)   Which quickly turned to scowl when nothing arrived on VDay.

On Wednesday afternoon a delivery man comes stomping up the porch carrying a red vase with a dozen red roses.... um not even close.  48 hours late AND totally wrong?  An "upgrade" by florist standards, I suppose, but not what the husband ordered.   We were less than thrilled and I kindly (no really, kindly, it wasn't the delivery guy's fault!) informed the delivery man of this.    He was a third party to the florist and said that he had delivered to 5 other households and ALL of them were not happy and many had refused their deliveries because of incorrectness or extreme delay.  Later he must have informed the company because at 11:40pm that night I heard steps on my porch (a bit unnerving honestly)  after they retreated I went to look outside and there was another bouquet of flowers that looked more along the lines of what Loving Husband  had ordered.   I believe it was the florist's attempt to "make it right" we accepted that and didn't complain any further.   Besides they've been here nearly a week now and look how pretty they still look?    Thanks, LH!

The mantel a bit taken over by the kid's Valentines but that's ok. 
Although I won't lie the imbalance is driving me nuts! :)

Overall we had a wonderful Valentine's Day and enjoyed our time.   It's been a good week and these past few days Becky and Ben have been visiting!  Hooray!  More on that soon.  :)

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