Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Space Week - Part 2

Every morning last week Ace woke up saying he was 'really excited' for school and inquiring when could we do school. I was so glad he was so excited about it. Our routine every morning was to go over the planets, their factoid, and their placement in the solar system. By the end of the week he had most of the planets memorized, order remained sketchy in his mind and required prompting - but for an almost-three year old he remembered and retained quite a bit.

Ace learned about NASA (very little) and space ships and astronauts. He learned about space travel and at the end of our lesson on astronauts Ace got to try out astronaut ice cream which he very much enjoyed.

We ended our week with a giant floor puzzle (the main investment for Space Week found on Amazon.) I helped by putting pieces mostly in the right places and Ace put it together. All 48 pieces were placed by him. He's still a long ways off from putting it together from just out of the box, but he happily has the patience for simple rotation in the general location each piece is meant to go. :)

Also if you're wondering, Ace picks out his own clothing. This often means long sleeves when it is literally over 100' outside. So since we're in an AC environment I allow it, because he gets to choose his own clothes. Upon the need to leave the house we strongly encourage (and ultimately demand) an outfit change to something more climate appropriate. Can't blame the kid... most of his life he has spent more time in long sleeve than in short ones ;-)

Space week was a huge success! We decided that we wanted to not have Ace having to learn too much indepth stuff all week long, every week and so I've started to come up with some weeks that are just plain fun in activities and have learning mixed in. So today starts Dr. Seuss Week! :) Lots of reading, silliness, and fun foods are in our future! :)

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