Friday, July 15, 2011

Six Months Old

Happy Half Birthday, Mae!!

I can't believe my baby is six months old! When did a half a year go by?! She's so sweet, so smiley, and so happy! I love her!

New firsts for her sixth month of life: her first trip to a fair and carnival, first 4th of July, officially sitting, ooching (almost crawling!), her first signed word 'milk', saying 'dada', laughing, first trip on the airplane and to California!

Mae has had a great month overall. She is still teething and working on that first tooth/teeth to pop through and so she has moments of fussiness usually related to that or needing to sleep, but other than that she is so happy. She smiles all the time and loves to chat now. Yes, I am willing to admit she is now also saying 'dada' in addition to 'mama' - it's pretty cute. We now need to get her to say 'baba' or something that is associated for 'brother' :) She likes to babble a lot and talk with you. She will chat to keep herself awake and her giggle now is just plain adorable. Mae also signed her first word this month: "milk" and she seems to do it quite regularly when she wants milk. Her verbal and communication skills are doing great!

Sleep seems to have been lacking luster for us... or certainly the zzzzs. Sometime this past month she gave up the 5-7hr stretches that we were all enjoying and instead reverted back to the every 2-3 hour wakings for food, snuggles, comfort. I suspect her teeth have a lot to do with this and six months is a big growth spurt for babies, so I'm not giving up hope that we can't work back up to those longer stretches.

Food wise we really haven't given her much other than milk. There are so many conflicting reports regarding solid food before six months and since she is getting plenty of nutrients from the breastmilk, she only got some puree jar food a handful of times in her sixth month of life. This up coming month we'll be upping the solid food with more regularity.

Mobility wise, she's somewhat mobile. She can get herself up on her knees, she can even do the rocking motion, but she lets her legs fall out from under her and she ooches where she wants to go. She doesn't move very fast and it isn't an army crawl either, but somehow she can get to what she wants... so anything tiny, chokeable sized items need to officially be retired or hidden. Crawling is only a matter of days or weeks away for this family!

Mae had a great 4th of July and was so happy to just sit on the beach blanket and watch the fireworks. The noise didn't bother her and she was so content to just sit and look at all the pretty colors in the sky. In general on all of our outings this past month she's just been great. She's just so easy going and willing to be toted where ever. She sits very well in the Ergo carrier and happily looks around at her new surroundings.

We haven't officially gotten her six month stats just yet, but on her Grammie's scale on her sixth month birthday she weighed 14.5lbs. :)

It's been such a wonderful first six months with this little girl. She is so happy, agreeable, and loving - we just can't get enough of her. I can't wait to see what the next six months holds for her as she explores her world more and more!

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