Monday, July 18, 2011

New Orleans

We have now lived in Mississippi for three months and so it was high time that we took the relatively short drive down to New Orleans as a family. As it worked out the flights out of the NOLA airport were much less expensive than flying out of Biloxi, and so we arranged for an overnight stay in NOLA and a short adventure in New Orleans with the family.

We checked into our hotel and set out walking around New Orleans. We walked down Bourbon Street and I enjoyed myself a drink - one more item to cross off my Bucket List - and we continued to walk around and just take in the culture and excitement. A few times Ace wanted to go into the bars because he wanted to hear the music, etc.. we snickered and continued walking, explaining he could hear it just fine from outside of the bar. :)

The churches were gorgeous and it was nice to duck inside those for a few minutes just to escape the heat. Mae in the Ergo carrier was happy to have that relief as well. We finished off our evening at Bubba Gump's which was nice, we've eaten at one before - but it was way more expensive than when we had in Maui! Sheesh! We walked back to the hotel and all went to bed by 8pm. Seriously... because we had to wake up at 4:30am the next morning for the kids and I to head off to California! It was a nice visit to NOLA!

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