Thursday, July 21, 2011

Disney Appliques

I am always of fan of Disney shirts while in Disneyland. I love all things Disney. I was able to find Ace a Cars shirt, his was easy enough to find there is always a plethora of Cars, Toy Story, and other Pixar gear out and about - however finding something for Mae proved more challenging. Plus there were two different days we were going to be inside the park... they can't *gasp* wear plain-ol clothes to Disneyland on Day Two... and in spite of the lack of options, those options they have are kind of pricey... especially for Mae who doesn't fit into anything for very long... and so I found on Pinterest via Carrie a cute applique pattern.

On the final day I was home, I gathered my supplies and got to cutting, ironing, and sewing on the appliques onto the tshirts. The entire project for BOTH shirts was $6. Can't beat that for sure and the kids looked pretty darn cute in them. :)

It took about 15-20 minutes per shirt to cut, iron, and sew everything together. Ace's mickey is larger and I simply didn't include the bow. :) Plus I used fabric that I already had to make his making the project even less expensive.

Mae's I used a zebra print handkerchief that I found at Walmart, as I was obtaining these supplies after all fabric stores were closed. I needed something that would work and it turned out a lot cuter than I had envisioned. The material for the bow I already had at home from a previous project.

I washed them up and they held together nicely. They're far from perfect on the applique stitching, but I'll get the technique down with more practice. As it worked out the kids looked super cute in them and they've already worn them twice and Ace has kept his clean both times!

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