Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mae's Sensory Basket

Mae is getting curious with her world and so finding ways to entertain her and help her explore her world is ideal. I like the idea of exposing Mae to various textures, colors, and sounds and I happened across the idea of baby sensory baskets. Ace loved his Space themed sensory tub - and so I wanted to make something for Mae that helps her explore similar textures, sounds, and colors.

I created a basket for her filled with a few toys, but also lots of objects from around the house. Mae's basket includes: cloth rattle, toy winkel, ball, crinkle elephant, luvee (soft) frog, jersy fabric strip, whisk, a new kitchen scrub sponge, a cloth book, a head of lettuce from Ace's toy food, a wooden spoon, a plastic spoon, a jingle rattle, a terry cloth giraffe toy, and a teether with a ribbon attached.

Since finding the idea for sensory baskets/buckets, I started looking into a bit more behind the idea. The 'WHY' - You see my legal researching skills, while dormant tend to find ways of still escaping and what better place for an outlet than the betterment of my children? After finding the idea, I delved a bit further and found the term 'Heuristic Play' which is a concept rooted in children's natural curiosity. Providing a basket allows Mae to make her own choices and discoveries. Sounds like a good thing to encourage to me, and so I was excited to get Mae started with her basket. I set her down on her blanket while Ace and I built robots and she had a blast picking through her basket and exploring things with her hands and mouth. I have given her this basket several times since then and she loves to take things out and play with them every time. Her favorite is the kitchen scrub sponge.

She loves all the various noises that her toys make. She loves to mouth the whisk and feel the cool metal on her mouth. She makes a silly face sometimes too which is cute. :)

Overall the sensory basket is a hit and I think we'll rotate various objects every couple of weeks to help her continue to explore new types of things. Although we'll see how still she stays once she realizes that she can go places. :)

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