Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Friends, Family, and Fun!

I always love when I get to go home. It isn't often that I get to go, but when I do it is fill with so much fun and so many people to visit and it is always exciting to show off my newest addition to the family: Mae! Ace is ever changing too so it's always new and exciting for people to see him too. :) I love my family and friends in California and love that I am blessed with them and the ability to go and visit them all.

We ventured to LAX from NOLA on Sunday, July 10th after a very successful airplane ride, wahoo! Shelley picked us up from the airport and we headed home to enjoy some Bakers! WOOHOO! (Why can't that food make it out of So Cal???) Ace was SO excited to get to Grammie's house to play. He had his own itinerary of "1. Play, 2. Go to Grammies, 3. Eat" and he stuck to that schedule. :) He had a blast. Becky came over and I got to rub her baby belly and talk to my soon to be nephew! It was nice to spend time with friends and family. After a while at home we ventured over to my other parent's house and showed off the kids there while Shelley and I played with camera settings. :)

We headed home after that and met up with Derek, Jennifer, and Ace's cousin, Kaylee! Where they gave him his birthday present in person, a pirate hat and an eye patch! He was in love.

 Ace and Kaylee played together a little bit, at first Kaylee wasn't too interested in sharing, which was amusingly caught on film...

But later she came around and wanted to read to Ace. Ace is a year and 2 weeks older than Kaylee, but they are just about the same height. It's adorable to see the two of them together. Playing and reading together. Ace after 20 hours of being awake with the exception of a 20 minute nap finally went to bed.

I was really glad it worked out to see my brother. Originally with his work schedule being shifted around it was iffy if I would see him at all. Thankfully, they made it work - even if my brother was a bit more sleep deprived because of it.
Monday was pretty low key. Ace received his birthday present from Grammie and he enjoyed playing with that: bug hunting gear! We spent some time just relaxing, running errands, actually having 'nap time' for Ace and just not doing much. :) It worked out nicely. Ace was so excited all day that 'Aunt Shelley' was coming back, he kept saying that he missed Aunt Shelley - even got super excited when he saw the back of the neighbor saying "Aunt Shelley's here!!" (sadly she was still a few hours away from her visit.) It was so cute how excited he was to see Aunt Shelley.

Tuesday and Wednesday were Disneyland Days! Oh boy! Lots of fun was had on those days. :) Look for separate posts upcoming for those.

Thursday was another low key day after the craziness of Disneyland the two prior. Derek and Jen brought Kaylee back over, along with some toys to entertain Mae and all the cousins played together for a while. It was cute to see them interacting together. Derek had to head to work and so was only able to stay for a short while, but he and his niece got some good bonding time. :)

Friday was another low key day and then in the evening we went over to Becky and Dave's place with Shelley and Kelley. It was nice to all be together and hang out. Ace of course was super excited to spend time with Abby and Isaiah. He's really starting to enjoy playing with other kids and he LOVES Abby. :)

Saturday was the much anticipated baby shower (a separate post to come!) followed by a birthday party for my brother whose birthday happened to fall on the week that I was in town. It was nice to all be together to celebrate. Ace had yet another late night of going to bed after playing with his cousin and playing 'the leader' as they ran around the front yard playing with glow in the dark chalk that Derek had bought and put together. Shelley and Kelley stopped by and hung out for a bit and we obtained the grandma shot with all three of the kids. :) Derek and Jen finally left around 11:30pm and I finished packing up the suitcase and my mom and I went to bed.

Sunday morning once again we were off early during the underwhelming 'Carmageddon' and heading to the airport to say goodbye to a great visit to California. Until next time!

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brianne said...

That bug hunting getup is INTENSE. I'm sure he will love it, especially in the south where they are bigger.