Friday, July 22, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth

It really is one of my favorite places to go on Earth and sharing it with my children makes it all that much more exciting. On Tuesday of last week my mom, the kids and I set out in the morning and met up with Carrie and her daughter Avery.

Mae and Avery had never been to Disneyland and so our first stop was the Mad Hatter's Hat Shop to get them their very own Mickey ears. Mae was very excited to wear her ears... and later eat them. :)

This also required a photo-op in the famous tea cups. Carrie and I have a few of these shots and it's great to revisit the tea cup together once again and this time we had another generation to join us in the picture. :)

 Ace was so excited to 'shoot things on Buzz' - he had remembered that you 'take out the guns and shoot things' and that was the ride he wanted to go on and so it was. He did GREAT! His first score was 3900, pretty dern good! That was with no help or guidance. He had a blast and at the end of the day he took home his very own Buzz Gun!

Next up was lunch, followed by Pirates in which Ace and Mae enjoyed a snooze, and then Winnie the Pooh ride and a favorite always the Jungle Cruise! I love to see him enjoy the ride more and more each time!

After the Jungle Cruise we headed over to California Adventure where we actually found a bench and parked it for a little while, fed Mae and Avery and let Ace just wiggle around for a while. We then took a long walk and walked over to the Ferris Wheel.

After that we left the park, did some shopping and headed home at the end of first day. :) It was a good day, great to spend time with Carrie and her daughter, and Ace had a BLAST. Mae did great and like always was such a happy baby. She left Disneyland with her very first Minnie Mouse which she loves and gets the biggest smile on her face each time you show it to her. Both kids were out by the time we got to the freeway to head home. :)

Day Two of Disneyland began later. I wanted to ensure that we had lunch before we left and so that Ace would have his nap in the car on the way to Disneyland. Both those things were accomplished and when Ace woke up in the parking lot he was SO excited. It was really cute. My mom and I loaded up the stroller and headed to catch the tram. We of course went straight to Buzz! This time with the help of the ride stopping a few times Ace's score was 5200! He could care less about his score, he just liked to shoot, but we were impressed!

We then headed back over to Pirates and then walked right onto the Haunted Mansion. It was the first time in YEARS that I had been on the Haunted Mansion when it wasn't decorated in the Nightmare Before Christmas theme. I enjoyed it. After that was over we went back to the Winnie the Pooh ride. The line there was less than 5 minutes and Ace went on it three times. :) Ace then requested the Jungle Cruise which was once again a must. This time Ace sat on the other side and got sprayed by the elephant at the end, which caused a big barrel laugh much to the amusement of the entire boat. Mae also had a good time smiling at the other passengers and distracting them from their cruise. ;)

Grammie and Ace took a ride on the carousel and then we all waited in line for Dumbo and enjoyed a good ride on Dumbo. Ace loved to make him go up and down. We then headed and grabbed some dinner, followed by another stop in the gift shop where I picked up a mickey snuggie (the cheapest 'warmth' they had in the park oddly enough for a steal at $25, hehe) and then we settled in to await fireworks. Ace loved them and especially Tinkerbell and Dumbo that flew across the wire from the Matterhorn. It was fun. We did one more round on Pirates to allow the crowds to thin and then we left the park around 11:30pm It was a long but fun day. It was another magical trip to the Happiest Place on Earth! :)

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