Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Swap & Awards!

I've been very neglectful of my acceptance speeches and my posting of things. Yikes!!! Without further adu!

First! The Mother's Day Swap!! Hosted by Confessions of a Moody Mommy. My partner was Hollie from Just a Little Something and I had so much fun trying to find just the right things for her. I tried to avoid a lot of little things and just went for a few big things, I hope she likes it! I LOVE what she sent to me. Below are a few picture of Ace, my Helper and I opening up the goodies!

I received some really fun things from her! I got a giant bag of M&Ms and no I have not gone through the entire bag yet... I swear. I also received a Mark lip gloss (Hollie sell's Mark products) and I LOVE it. I might just have to hit her up for a purchase or two in the near future. I also received some fun body spray and nail polish. Ah pampering! Also got a book to read with Ace entitled "Mommy Hugs" and some great kitchen gadgets. I love fun unique items for the kitchen. It's collecting with purpose I say! So Hollie sent me a peeler for oranges (neato!) and some fun spreader with veggies on them. They'll be PERFECT for entertaining, which I'd love to do more of!
I love participating in Blog Swaps, because you get to meet such nice people and being able to find things for them that they will enjoy and like and the surpise of getting things in the mail! Oh so much fun! So thanks to Moody Mommy for hosting this fabulous adventure. To see what other mommies got, stop by here!

I also in the past few weeks have been awarded a few blog awards from different ladies. I've been meaning to accept them nicely, but I've never had a spare moment to do so! Yikes, the same of it all. But this afternoon the boy is snuggled up next to me napping and so my fingers are free to write a few acceptance speeches! So without further rambling!

I received The Adorable Blog Award from
Mommyof2girlz at A Pocket Full Of Buttons! Thank you so much! I've seen this award around and thought it was soo cute! And my how it matches my page so nicely. :) Thank you for being a reader and for enjoying my blog enough to award it with such a stellar button!

I love her blog and she is very deserving of this award as well. She's been having an issue with a stalker as of late. A former IRL friend is copying her blogging bits and ideas and yet she chooses to stick with the public venue and share with all of us her exciting ideas. So Kudos to her!

I'd like to pass this award onto my swapping partner Hollie at Just a Little Something for being a great swap partner and of course having an adorable blog!


I received this award from Carey at Life in the Carpool Lane, back around Earth Day! Oh my, my delay in acceptance speeches is TERRIBLE! Thank you Carey! She had a great set of blogs and ideas for going green that she posted around Earth Day. They were wonderful, please stop by her blog and check them out!

I'm giving this award to my IRL friend Jackie and her latest blog that she's been writing at.: Sustainable Jackie it's a great blog on being green in the Seattle area and in general. She even has a post on being green for her upcoming wedding!


maritza said...

Awards! How fun :)

That diaper bag tag is cool, I totally would have used one of those when I carried a diaper bag.

koopermom said...

I'm so glad you liked everything! That is my fave. lipgloss, and you can never have enough lip gloss! :)

I opened my package and I LOVE IT! It is the perfect gift for me!! Thank you SOO much!

If Brody ever falls asleep, I'll get my post written up!

and thanks so much for the award!! I'll be sure to post that up and pass it along!

Crazee Juls said...

:) How fun! Love the stuff!