Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ace in Film and First Steps!

This is a 3 minute compilation of three different videos, there's a bit of lag time on cuteness at some parts, but I promise you if you turn it off before the end you'll miss his latest and cutest action. In this film you get some mischief*, some standing, some waving bye-bye, Wheel of Fortune watching, and some babbling.
No steps are recorded, but it is VERY note worth that yesterday he took 2 first steps! Yes, dad walked in the front door and Ace let go of the couch and walked toward him, one foot... two foot... and then realized he could get to dad faster if he lowered himself to the floor and crawled!!! But I stopped him by picking him up and gushing all over him with pride. :) 9 months and 2 days old, and my son took his first steps.
Other noteworthy milestones while we're on the subject. Ace says "cat" and "kitty". He says "kitty" on his own - sounds mostly like kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittthhhh (not high pitched) and if we say cat he will repeat it. On the "mama" front since The Betrayal , his latest and favorite game is when I say "mama" he says "dada" and smiles. He knows what he's doing. He has said mama - often he says it when he's tired and hungry but so far NOT when reaching for me. Siiigh. He'll associated it with ME someday.
Hope you enjoy these latest milestones. Today we went in for his 9 months wellness check up, and discovered that Ace is long and lean (officially) he weighed 17.10lbs (8.44%) 28.5" tall (58%) and his head is 45.5cm (55%) The doctor wasn't worried about him being on the bottom of the weight scale. She just chalked it up to him being skinny, but no need for him to watch his food intake. :)
*Please note in the video in the bathroom the tape measure and CLEAN underwear where brought in from the closet - a re-org game - which is a favorite of my son's.


Anonymous said...

Little man is so talented!! I hope the spelling skills of WOF will rub off on him. ;-)

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

What a cutie! Love the noise making and when he is right under you and reaching sweet. My boys are 3 and 4 and I can barely remember them that young...crazy how fast times goes by!

Lindy said...

I love that the cat seems to be totally at ease with a little boy running around it complete reach of his tail!

And truly....this boy is adorable!

Emilie said...

I loved the video and so did my son Lucian. He watched it with me and asked if we could go see you. :) He also wanted to watch it more than once.

Love the eating tp and the waving bye bye. Never even considered putting a gate in front of the tv. Great way to keep them off the controls. We thankfully have door on our entertainment center but there are safety locks on it.

Thanks so much for sharing, visiting my blog and clicking on Warren's picture on If you ever get back on there let me know and I'll help you last longer than a day! You little guy is too cute to have gone so fast!