Sunday, May 24, 2009

Girls Night Out... and teeth!

What a title! Well, always something to grab your attention, right? Well I thought I'd write because for the first time since Ace has been born - I went out - ALL NIGHT! I went to dinner, drinks, and a movie; all while Ace was home with his dad! Sadly for them, I didn't pump enough milk and so the experience wasn't totally thrilling on the home-front, but for me - I had a lovely time. Granted by the end of the night my chest was bursting to get home, but it was so great to go out and be gone longer than two hours and really for the first time since being gone - I didn't worry. I've left him home with dad a few times, but this was the longest. We had dinner and went and saw the Night at the Museum sequel, which is really good. I hadn't seen the first one - but I certainly will now because the sequel was hilarious!

Now what do teeth have to do with this post? Well, I finally captured a shot with Ace's two additonal teeth. Enjoy! He was having such a fun afternoon and was just smiling up a storm. It was really cute to capture it. Also how could I NOT post a picture of Ace on my 300th post. Yes, this here blog is # 300!

Happy Memorial Weekend everyone, and thank you to all those that have and do serve our country.


maritza said...

Ahhh! Look at those teefers! And his eyelashes are so long. He's such a cutie. :)

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Yea for a night out! Yea for teeth! Yea for #300!

Congrats on some serious milestones...and that pic to too cute!

Postcard Printing said...

Congrats on the 300th post, and to Aiden's teeth!

I actually am more fond of that single teeth on the lower part. Looks cute. hehe~

We all deserve a break, and you're not an exception. Enjoy resting and relaxing. :)