Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Dip!

As I mentioned in my last swimming post I was terrified of the dip. The new fancy term for water torturing children. Well last week, Ace dipped! Yes I was the mother that had no problem allowing her son to be the test dummy star pupil and have the teacher demonstrate the dip on my son. Ace did great, he kind of made this face on his resurfacing... almost like he was still holding his breath. On the first day of dipping, Ace did it the most. Four dips! He is very responsive to the blow-on-nose-take-a-deep-breath cue and then under he goes without a fuss and then right up into my arms and he's so happy.

This week was Mat Week which means that the instructor rolled out several different kinds of mats and the babes learned how to play on the mat that was floating on water and then also how to "fall off" the side and then grab back on. Granted it's going to take a lot of repetition to create this "natural" instinct in them, but it's good to start now. Ace had a lot of fun on the floating mat once he realized he wouldn't sink. The instructor put out a ton of toys and they crawled around and played on them. Our little terrier son was trying to get the toys by solely mouthing at them. It was really cute. The rest of the this lesson was filled with more dipping, and bubble blowing. You dip across one side of the pool (they aren't under the whole length of the pool, just a few seconds but you walk backwards, then dip, then pull up into you) and then blow bubbles on the way back. Ace this week found the bubbles particularly amusing and was laughing the entire way back while his mommy blew bubbles at him.

The only thing he still doesn't favor is the back float, and this week he was having NONE of it. Glad that since we're adding new things every week that the back floating isn't a long portion of the program, but maybe we can work on that sometime in the future in a free swim day.

In other news! Ace is back to eating solid foods again with enthusiasm for a few days now. Guess he decided it was ok to do so again. Yesterday he ate an entire jar of bananas and about half a jar of Spinach/Carrot combo (which yes was hidden in the bananas) and then this morning he's enjoyed half of a "breakfast" jar consisting of apples, pears and oatmeal and just now for lunch enjoyed about a 1/4th of a jar of sweet potatoes. So yes he's enjoy the sweeter tastes at the moment, but at this point I'm just so excited he's consuming anything besides breast milk I'll take what I can get!!

So that's the life on a Tuesday for our baby bear and his proud mama!


Barely Domestic Mama said...

I wish I had put my Little Monkey in swimming classes when he was smaller. Looks like we will be doing that soon though.

Mama Laura said...

Sounds like the classes are going well! Ours start next month :)

Kathy B! said...

Good to teach them to swim at a young age. Mine grew up in the water and it really makes things easier and more fun as they get older.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Maybe all that swimming worked up his appetite! Sounds like both of you are liking swimming lessons!

Mark W said...

I still can't do the dip.