Friday, May 22, 2009

His Best Friend

Ace at the age of 9 months has himself a best friend and well has for quite a while now. He'd go everywhere with this best friend if he could - or if the best friend would be so obliging. Ace's best friend is our cat Nickolas. Yes, one can never separate a boy and his dog cat, even if that cat scratches. The thing of it is, for Nick, Ace is his best friend too. Even though Ace pulls hair, ears and whiskers Nick comes back for more. Tort on the other hand bolts the second Ace gets close. :) But Nick and Ace for the most part are inseparable.


Design it Chic said...

That's so cute! I love when kids get attached to their pets and "torture them with love"..yet the pets keep asking for some'

I've heard that growing up with a pet aside, makes the kids develop faster.. i dunno if it's true but if it is i will sure let my kid (when having one)play with ours. Just be careful not to put his mouth too close of the cat's fur..

Happy Friday!
(fellow SITS girl here)

Maricris Zen Mama said...

That is so sweet! Good thing they get along so well. Some cats gets very protective too which makes them real close :)

maritza said...

That's so precious!

Kate said...

That is too cute! I secretly want our dog to be BFFs with our baby (when we have one).

Kate said...

Check out my blog - I left something there for you!

UPrinting said...

So what is it really, a dog or a cat? LOL.
Aww... they both are so adorable.. :D