Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Six Months Old!

Wow! A half a year has gone by since Ace entered this world!? I know that everytime I make one of these posts I say it's hard to imagine - but seriously a half a year has gone by?! Wowie! What a six months it has been... but just this sixth month has been full of so many new things!!
Ace's firsts this past month: first haircut, first tooth, first solid food, first illness, first set of girl clothes!, first bruises, first Valentine's Day.

Yummy solid food! Yup, Ace enjoyed solid food right after returning from California. Well - rice cereal. He enjoyed that for a day or two and then he tried green beans and rice (the mix in a jar) Thus far those are his favorite. He tried peas the other day and he was not a fan. Carrots were acceptable but so far green beans & rice are the favorite. No fruit or sweet veggies have been given. We're waiting until we give him all the veggies that aren't sweet and get those into a pattern. We had a set back with solid food after his vomit incident at Starbucks. The doctor didn't want him to have solid food for a few days after that. Then Loving Husband got sick so I wanted him to have as many antibodies to prevent illness, then he got sick.... so we have started to get back into the swing of solid food daily.

Ace suffered his first upper respitory infection this past week. Didn't run a fever and he still has a snotty nose, but there for a couple of days he was very very sad and at night his little cry was more than enough to break your heart. I am happy to report he is on the mend, but now we believe another tooth is coming in. No rest for the growing!

Speaking of teeth his first tooth came in right after we came home from California. For several days in California he was in full swing of pushing that tooth through and after we got home it popped through. Over the last month it has come in full force and is a nice little tooth. Super cute when he smiles. Sorry though I haven't managed to catch a clear shot of it. Although he is not a fan of showing it off - he is happy to let me brush it with the little finger tooth brush. Mostly he enjoys chewing on my finger while I rub it against his tooth for a minute or two.

Ace has started to really try his verbal skills and has added bababa and yes dadada - don't forget though that he has said mamamama for many months - so neither Loving Husband and I are claiming that he's said Mama or Dada just yet. Yesterday we discussed that we'd be ok if he said Ball first ;-) Although LH is convinced that when he goes to work all I say to Ace all day is "mamamammama" I believe that is silly (note I didn't deny...) just kidding.
Ace is crawling in his own right. He's not moving fast and he's not moving far but he's moving just far enough to get to what he wants. Sometimes he moves faster than others. He crawls with his toes and his knees do get up and under him but he finds it more efficient to get up on his toes push and then let himself back down and check the distance between him and his toys and repeat if not close enough. It's cute to watch him learn the best way to get to what he wants.

Also this month he has developed and even greater excitement for our kitties. Everytime one crosses his sightpath he squeals and lunges for them. Tort would like nothing to do with Ace. However, Nickolas seems to have figured out that is where the attention is and therefore whenever Nick is so inclined he'll go lay down near the baby. Ace reaches and pets/pats/beats Nicky and Nick just squirms around on his back twisting and staring right at me. I imagine saying "look at me I'm cute like him..." so far no swipes have been made at Ace. A few times I think Nickolas has attempted to play with Ace with his paws to his head sans claws... but not being sure I put the stop to that play immediately, at least until Ace is old enough to run away from the play.

Ace has been such a blessing in our lives and we can't imagine a time without him. He is really growing and getting stronger and smarter everyday. He's only going to get bigger and while my heart breaks and longs for my tiny baby boy - I love this boy from his little calic on his now blonde hair to his double jointed toes!


lisalyn said...

He's adorable!
I love seeing the little ones faces when you introduce all those new foods. :) So much to enjoy in a little one.

CollegeSAHM said...

Leaving some linky love <3 :)

Your little boy is adorable!!! he seems a little further ahead then my little girl who will be eight months in a couple of weeks. We think that we are getting teeth but none have showed up yet.

CollegeSAHM said...

:P I meant to say clicky love :P Sorry Samantha has had a fever since yesterday and last night did not go so well so I am a little foggy still :P

Midwest Mommy said...

My little guy just turned a year last week...I feel like I just peed on the stick yesterday.

Melissa said...

Awwwww...what a CUTIE!! I want to squish him.

Happy HALF Birthday.

Lori said...

No. Way. I refuse to believe it. He is not 6 months old. He is not. It's impossible.

PhoinixFury said...

Okay, that picture is beyond huggably cute! He's growing up so fast!!!!

Janna Bee said...

What a beautiful baby!