Friday, February 6, 2009

Sick Mommy

This is a phrase that should never be uttered and clearly babies believe never should be true. Starting on Tuesday I started to feel bad. On Tuesday night I was running a fever, that broke sometime early Wednesday morning.. I was in a pool of sweat. Wednesday although feverless was certainly not much better and including still feeling achy and rundown, Ace was having none of it - he was fussy and irritable as if he knew something was wrong and was reacting oh and he was teething. Delightful. Today has been better but I'm still feeling bleh but today was a much better day with the boy. He was super happy and smiley, it was wonderful.

In other news Ace has enjoyed his first rash and his first taste of green beans. Interesting combo, but not related. Ace got a rash on his tummy from a shirt - I *oops* didn't wash it before putting it on him and it was a bit more abrasive of a fabric than he typically wears - but it seems to be better today so nothing too extreme After the rash (as to imply not the cause of it) Ace enjoyed a tiny bit of "Green Beans & Rice" mixed into his rice cereal. He really enjoyed those bites, but mostly ate the rice cereal. Tonight however I broke out the same jar of green beans (and rice) and he ate it all! He might have kept eating if there was more to have, but the jar was done and I was worried about a fountain of green revisiting us in the most unpleasant manner so that was all he consumed. Success! No returns on his part and no poor side effects either - green beans seem to have gotten the Ace Stamp of Approval. Excellent!

Excellent! It's so great that solid food has been going so well. So far we're only eating "dinner" as our solid food time of the day - we'll implement a second feeding soon but I'm waiting until after he hits that six month mark. Not too much longer from now which is so hard to believe!

Ok the boys asleep... in his OWN bed (next to me) ... so I should head to sleep myself.


American in Norway said...

Your son is so stinken CUTE! Enjoy the time... it goes SOOO fast!

The Blonde Duck said...

I hope you feel better! Being sick, esp. with a little one, is never fun!

Crazee Juls said...

Your little boy is a cutie! Thanks for stopping by & entering my contest... It's going to be a blast!!

FROGGITY! said...

Hope you feel better soon! Have a lovely weekend. He's such a doll!