Friday, March 2, 2012

Seuss-y Fun!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!   There will be much silliness to be had in our house today, some thematic, some just plain silly.   Perhaps even a Seuss-y movie - or checking in for the PBS Dr. Seuss marathon and most certainly there will be lots of reading!

The other day I put together a craft project for a playdate that we had.   I wanted to make something simple that they could sit and focus on and then go run and play.   That's when I decided that we'd make The Cat in the Hat's hat.  :)   I went to work constructing a hat - just free styled it and then cut it.  Once I was happy I used that and traced it.  For this project I used card stock instead of construction paper.   Cut out two strips of white paper for the stripes on the hat and then each unit got a sheet of fun Dr. Seuss stickers that they could put on their hats... or themselves. :)

The example went in the middle, instructions were explained, and glue sticks were handed out.   Mae did not participate - although she really wanted to! 

This project took no time at all to prepare and the kids had a great time with the simplicity of it and being able to use the glue sticks and stickers! 

Happy Seuss-y fun!   If you need more ideas - check out Seuss-y School.

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