Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ten on Ten - March

My Saturday started out yummy, involved a lot of cleaning, and ended on a heartwarming note when a friend spontaneously "answered my wish" for sushi.   It really made my week - which had been pretty bleak.  I've been feeling a bit undervalued and cast aside and so that nod of appreciation and kindness really made not only my day, but honestly my whole week.  It's been rough between loneliness, sickness, lack of socialization.    I'm counting down the days... weeks...

8:00: We had been awake for an hour but it took about an hour to get going.
This is my breakfast: broiled grapefuit (a favored pin floating around Pinterest)

9:00:  Skype time with Grammie.  She loves to have the computer on  her lap.

10:00:  Ace did the Mickey puzzle twice.  First the 'normal' way and the second time upside down.

11:00:  Time to sort some laundry. A favorite activity of both kids! No, seriously.

12:00: Time for a little LeapFrog Tag Pen action.  Mae is quite good at using hers.

1:00:  Lunch and Toy Story.  Both kids focused. Ace mildly annoyed Sister is sitting on him.

2:00:  Organizing the closet under the stairs finally (yes this is organized)

3:00:  Naptime = Time for mom to decorate a little!

4:00:  A random act of kindness after I posted online that I was craving* California Rolls.  A friend brought them to me!

5:00:  Before dinner Ace asked to work on more sign language words.  We chose 'read' and 'bookshelf' to learn.
Another fun month with 10 on 10!  Stop by A Bit of Sunshine to see others and their Saturdays!

* This use of craving in NO way implies any even REMOTE hint
 that I am pregnant, desire to be pregnant, or plan to be in the future. 
But it was indeed a craving.


brianne said...

I've been wanting to try the broiled grapefruit, looks delish! I love that pic of the two kiddos, they're really starting to look alike. If you really need anything, please don't be afraid to ask!

Lori said...

I love the disclaimer. Not that I jumped to that conclusion at all but the disclaimer made me laugh anyway.

Carrie said...

Haha, love the disclaimer there too. Never crossed my mind :). Looks like you had a pretty good and productive day.

Angel said...

Broiled grapefruit?! Oh man, I need to try that.
Yup, haha, the disclaimer is funny!
Great set, looks like a nice day.

Kiki said...

I, too, have been curious about broiled citrus. I hope it was as good as it sounds and looks in your photo! Great set!

Holly said...

I am new your newest follower! Thanks for dropping by Pink Lady- hope you will follow me back :)

Jennifer said...

Love all your photos....and those California rolls look yum-ee!! :-)

Jacci said...

Baby feet and sushi. Perfect 10 on 10 :)

Andrea said...

love those little toes.