Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mae's First Dentist Visit

Yes, our little girl has had another first:  her first trip to the dentist!   I was planning on waiting until Ace's next appointment in May - but as that second top tooth descended upon us it became more troubling to this mama that something just wasn't quite right.   It was chipped? Cracked? Malformed? Unsure - but I thought it best to get her in before 8 more weeks went by and so after dropping Ace off at preschool mommy and Mae headed to her very first dental appointment.  

Our big girl strutted into the office as if she owned the place - receiving oohs and ahhs from all around.   She was quite happy to be there.  She walked back to the dentist chair and since she's small we did a repeat similar to how we did Ace's first visit.   We brought along M's lovie for comfort and she received a new toothbrush which she happily took and began chewing on all the while sitting in mommy's lap, while cautiously observing the room.  

The dentist came over and checked out her mouth.  Mae fussed as she was leaned back and had her exam but recovered quickly when it was all said and done.   She received a fluoride paint on her teeth and was given a thumbs up for her dental health.  Now about that pesky tooth.   It's not a chip and it's not a crack.  It is possibly two fused and malformed baby teeth.   We really won't know until she can have x-rays to determine.  
+Typically the first x-rays are done when they're around 5.   My kids however receive theirs early since they've already got 'teeth issues' and Ace received his first set at 3.  Mae will have the same done.  So until she's three we won't really know the true issue with her teeth but there isn't any reason to be concerned except to be extra cautious with brushing the area where there is the fuse/fold line.  This is a 'rare' thing that she has (of course) and this could mean she has an extra adult tooth,  fused adult teeth, or even a missing one.  We won't know until the x-rays.  Nothing to be done, so nothing to worry about for now.

She received a bath toy and we scheduled her next appointment for 8 months out (so that her and her brother's would match back up properly.)    After the appointment she was super snuggly and nearly fell asleep on my shoulder.  Although when we got in the car she perked up and played (and chewed) on her new toy. It was a good trip and she did great! 


Christy Rood said...

I love your pictures! Such sweet kiddos.

brianne said...

Looks like she had a good time! Hope all turns out well eventually with the toothies!

Williams Schermer said...

Congratulations to Mae on her first dental visit! Usually, children and babies are a bit cranky during their first dental visits. One way to keep them at ease is to give them something to play with. Bring their favorite toy to the dentist, and let them hold it while they are being checked.