Saturday, March 31, 2012

Quarterly Top 5 Photos

Mae turned one on the 10th of January and I enjoyed taking her first birthday photoshoot
At the end of January I really decided to start working on improving my skills as a photographer
Ace was very helpful and occassionally would stay still to let me snap a shot.  I love this one!

Mae absolutely loves her brother.  She also loves to pose for pictures
and goes and stands against that wall when she wants me to take her picture. 

We had 'Messy March' and one day we played with toilet paper!
I just love his face!  Pure joy!!
Mae loves to play outside (so does Ace of course)
Here she is  playing on the playground with her big brother, Mae showed no fear
What are your favorite five from the first quarter of 2012? Link up over at Sarah Halstead the Naptime Momtog there is a random giveaway too (no skill or amazing photography skills required to win!)


Ashley Sisk said...

These are all really sweet - great set.

brianne said...

Love the colors in the last photo with mae at the playground. captures her personality

Amber said...

Their expressions in the 3rd one just make me smile!!!

Anonymous said...

These are sooo awesome. Love the first two and that last one. Very sweet.