Monday, March 19, 2012

Critique Me!

Today one of my photos is being featured for critique over at Click It Up A Notch.   As you recall I decided to get serious about photography make improving my photography skills my resolution this year.   Courtney has been a tremendous help in already improving my photography skills and now she is kindly featuring one of my photos to help me improve even more with some free critique from readers.  

It is thanks to her blog that I have officially switched from auto to manual almost exclusively and really understanding the balance between all the various 'pieces' that bring the camera into functioning mode.    Already from when I took the picture that is featured over on her page I've improved leaps and bounds in my sharpness and achieving it with some regularity. 

Like yesterday (today? I haven't slept yet and it's 1am... so you decide.)  I snapped this picture below of Ace  Unknown Confederate Hat Wearing Incredible Boy (after all I can't identify him he has his mask on as "my idenity is the most important part and I need to protect it.")   He's a silly boy - but the clarity that I got of his eye - I was so proud and excited!  :)  

Hard to tell?  Here let me zoom in for you.  :)   There is a tiny tiny fraction of motion blur - but it's so minimal - that with a preschooler I think that's the sharpest you're ever going to get unless you're shooting upwards of 1/2000 shutter speed.  This was shot at 1/200ss instead. 

I'm having a lot of fun with learning new things with my camera, pushing myself to learn something new regularly and really trying to have fun with it.   I highly recommend stopping by Click It Up A Notch and checking out some of her great tutorials!

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