Sunday, October 16, 2011

The South Rises Again...

The Jefferson Davis House has been something we've driven on a regular basis since we moved here.  It was on my list of 'to sees' before heading out, but it wasn't ever a huge priority.   On our final weekend here we decided to finally look up the information so that we could go and we discovered that there was going to be a whole event this weekend:  25th Annual Muster Weekend.

We headed out around 9am as we were warned that the parking would be difficult, but we ended up having no issue.   We gathered our tickets and a few souvenirs and headed out to where all the festivities where.   It was quite expansive.  Over 300 period reenactors were participating, with demonstrations like a blacksmith, old fashion photography, and live canon fire.  Most people were actual camping there and even cooking their meals on real wood fires.   It was like stepping into a different time and Loving Husband and I were fascinated and Ace was excited to learn about everything.

We walked around and saw the various sites, were surprised by a cannon or two.   Ace did pretty well with the noise.   He enjoyed seeing the horse trotting around the area pulling wagons and canons.    Loving Husband stopped and spoke with one of the reenactors who was quite passionate about the confederacy.  

They began to do formations and marching around the area and practicing all of that in preparation for the battle that was to take place at 1:30,  we left the camp area and headed up to the house to check it out.   It had been restored from Katrina and was quite pretty.  Although my favorite part was certainly the front porch and the rocking chairs.  I took the opportunity to get Mae to sleep in her carrier and stayed there while the boys went and got a few things at the car. 

The boys acquired themselves some confederacy hats and we all enjoyed trying them on.  After a quick stop to grab some cash and grabbing some lunch, we headed to the area to watch the battle reenactment.   Both kids did pretty well with the noise.  Overall, Mae was more hot than bothered by the noise.   It was a cool event to experience and certainly was as a nice way to round out our last weekend in the south.

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