Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ringing In...

It was another low key year for us in this household. Two little ones and no babysitters available means we have a stay at home celebration, with one nice exception - my friend Mo came to visit us!   We've been having a nice time the last few days playing tourist and showing her around the area, yesterday her and I went and saw a movie (New Years Eve, which we both really liked in spite of bad abysmal reviews) but for NYE festivities we stayed close to home.

I made some tomato bacon bites, we had some cheese and crackers, and other munchies to graze on through dinner and the evening.   Ace was allowed to stay up until New York New Years.   To pass the time we played a half a game of Candy Land before Ace had a anti-establishment meltdown and earned himself a timeout.   We moved away from structured playing, I broke out the party hats and the noise makers, put on a movie and later on he did one of his floor puzzles all by himself (very proud!) partially with an audience.  :)

Mo and Loving Husband played War.  Loser takes a shot (beer for LH or diet coke for Mo) - I made a booze run mid-game.    A few beers and sodas later we moved to the living room, called Grammie via Skype and rang in NY New Years (4 minutes late) with Ace.   We missed any official countdown or ball drop - so we faked it via an old video online of last year's ball drop.  :)  Hugs and happy new years were said and Ace went off to bed, after observing some fireworks that neighbors were setting off.

Mae was a happy and wide awake girl.  She rang in EST New Years, CST, and MST... She was a busy girl, playing peekaboo with my scarf, walking around the house, playing horsey with her dad, and in general just was WIDE awake and having fun.   She finally made it to sleep about 20 minutes away from the new year PST. 

After Mae went to sleep, the adults headed over to the dining table for a game of Dutch Blitz, which after remembering how to play we had to pause mid-second round to toast in the new year and 5 minutes later Mae was awake again!  We called it a night on the game - and LH headed to bed.  Mo and I headed downstairs to enjoy a little more tv and I got Mae asleep on me.   We called it a night and headed to bed around 2:30am.    It was an excellent although tame NYE!  

Can't wait to see what 2012 brings us!  Happy New Year, everyone!!

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Carrie said...

sounds like a fun night :)