Monday, January 30, 2012

Oh So Silly!

Ace has been very good with me in allowing me to try out new and different settings, angles, and lighting with my photography.  He's often a willing participant and is good to tell me "I'm all done taking pictures, mom."  when he really is ALL done.    How he keeps himself entertained while I'm busy capturing varies, but one of his favorite is to make faces... this one I've only see him make once, but the moment I snapped it I burst out laughing.  It's certainly not pretty, but it is oh so silly!

50mm, 1/90s, ISO 400, f/2.0

Photo Challenge Submission

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Carrie said...

tell him he looks like a scary monster!

JeNae said...

What a darling {although silly} picture :)

Amy and Luke said...

that is quite the face! haha....good submission!

Jackie said...

hahaha love it!