Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ace's First Day

Last night I went to bed and set my alarm... for the first time in a long time. Since I quit work the only time that I officially needed an alarm was in the event that we had a doctor or dentist appointment.   It's been nice for the last 4 years, I must say.   Today dawned a new era of the return of the alarm clock (2 days a week!)   I got up at 7 and got myself ready to go, then went into Ace's room and he was mostly awake.     He asked "When is it time to get up?  Is it time for preschool?!"  He was sleepy, but excited!
I got him partially dressed, grabbed him some cereal and apples for breakfast, and grabbed the scissors do to a bit of maintenance on his hair that has gotten quite shaggy.  He was less of fan of that.   We grabbed his shirt and finished getting him dressed.  Got his coat and backpack on and he posed for his first morning of school picture in front of the door.  We left Mae with Mo who was still here visiting us, said goodbye and the three of us headed on to school.

We arrived at school and he was so excited to get out of the car, did great going in, and met his teacher Miss Megan.    After meeting Miss Megan he shied into his father's shoulder.    We met a new friend who also was having his first day and we all walked upstairs together with Miss Megan.    Ace and his new friend got to pick their cubbies to hang their coats and their backpacks.   Ace shied away and said "I don't want to do it."  I helped him get it all put in and as we're doing this he asks "When are you coming back to get me?" I assured him we would be back in a few hours and that he'd have a good time.

We went into his classroom and he got to look around and he and his new friend went over and checked out some toys with his teacher.   Us parents hung back and after a few minutes went over to say goodbye.   Which he barely acknowledged - so we headed out.

Fast forward a couple of hours in which time we had breakfast, Mae had a short nap, and I made Ace a lunch - it was time to go collect him.    Mae came this time and was having a lot of fun playing as I looked around for Ace.  Most of the kids were in the main play area and Ace was busy walking around in the classroom busy as can be.   He came out and smiled really big, and gave me a hug.  He went to grab his stuff and I talked to the teacher who gave a glowing review for his first day.

We hopped in the car and I gave him his lunch which he was VERY excited about and he scarfed.  In fact as I was driving home he was done and wanting more... so we swung through McD's where he consumed 4 nuggets and fries.  I drove us around as he told me about his day "I played for 'thirty hours!', did a project, sang about shapes, played with Matthew, and didn't go do the race (?) outside because it was too cold, and my teacher turned out the lights when she talked to us."

As soon as we got home he showed me his project and showed me his book fair flyer (and so it begins!)  so we looked through that before nap time (which he ultimately he did not take,...)  and marked the end of his first first day of school which he says he's excited to go to again on Thursday! 

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brianne said...

Looks like he did such a great job! It will be so exciting to see the new things he learns and stories he brings home :)