Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One Last Swing...

Snoozing away, 5 months old
If you recall when Mae turned 11 months old - I was having a mini-meltdown regarding her swing and the fact that she had grown out of it.  Today I sold the swing and I won't lie - I'm a bit overly saddened by the finality of it.   It's silly really - but honestly the swing really is for me the close of Mae being a baby.   She really is headed full steam ahead into toddler!  

She LOVED that swing.  For the first 8+ months of her life aside from when we were in the hospital, out of town or moving I can say I am fairly certain that she was in it every day - multiple times a day.  When she was really little it rarely was on - the part she loved then was the mobile and the mirror.  She would stare at it for so long and only fuss when the timer was up on her birds spinning around. 

10 weeks old

11 weeks old - the day she came home from Children's
That swing gave mommy some sanity, two free hands!   She slept so well in it and until she really got to crawling she loved to just be in it even after she'd awake from a nap, be content to play with a toy and observe and giggle at her brother as he played or did something amusing.   Most of the time it didn't even have to be on!

27 days old

A comfort when we moved to a new home in Mississippi - 15 weeks old

16 weeks old

5 months old

She really looks like me when I was a baby in this picture - 5 months old

7 months old

7 months old with her brother

She always looked so cozy when she slept from the first day we brought her home, until the very last time she slept in her swing only a few days before she turned 1.   She certainly has grown and changed in this last year and though the swing is gone - it provided a nice cradle of memories and comfort in our little girl's first year. 

2 days old
25 days old

6 weeks old

6 months old

9 months old

Her final sleep in the swing 4 days before her first birthday...
I think she knew her mama needed her in the swing one more time, because on one average afternoon where normally (and consistently for the previous two months) she would have instantly awoken if I had dared attempted to put her in the swing after she was asleep - I gently placed her in the swing and she snuggled in. I gave it a little push and watched my baby sleep in her swing for the last time.  She's growing up - and one day she'll roll her eyes and my overly ridiculous sentiment for a standard piece of baby equipment.  :) 

On a lighter note - I would like to point out in the final picture her feet look HUGE,
but she wears a tiny size 4 shoe with plenty of room, funny camera angle I guess!  :)

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Mrs. G said...

We are just starting to get out of size 2 shoes. Not so much on length, but for chunck height.