Thursday, January 19, 2012

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

It began on Saturday at Mae's party and more or less has just kept on coming.   Any time now it is 'supposed to stop' and turn to freezing rain, followed by the regular kind of rain and wash away our winter wonderland, but in the meantime,  we are enjoying it!

First thing Sunday morning we stripped down to our underwear for our traditional deck dive, which once again Grammie was present to enjoy our antics.  Ace was so excited to participate - in fact the second it started snowing on Saturday he wanted to go out and deck dive!  Pop Pop would be so proud!

After that festive wake up we went out to breakfast and then came home and after naptime went out to play, this time all bundled up and had a great time!  Mae enjoyed it a little bit, but mostly was a spectator.  She had 'boots' fashioned out of ziplock bags.   Ace and his dad had a great time having snowball fights with the other kids.   Later Loving Husband and Ace built a staircase/snowman.  It was a good time had by all.

While brother napped, Mae went onto the porch to explore a little

Grammie and Loving Husband had a short snowball fight...

Note Mae's 'boots' :) They worked really well!

Monday rolled around and the related males in this family took to upping the anti on the traditional deck dive.   It began with Loving Husband deciding to roll across the snowy backyard and film it - the 53 second video ended with "Your move old man"

Later that day we were provided with an email and a link to a 2 minute and 53 second video to the tune of 'Eye of the Tiger' that opened with "Flawless Victory.  Age and Treachery, my Dear Boy, Age and Treachery."    Enjoy these screen shots, what isn't show is Pop Pop doing the backstroke in the snow across the yard, Gran wheeling a wheelbarrow across the yard full of snow and dumping it on him and a refusal to get into the hot tub.  

Of course something MUST be done to out do this... and so much thought and pondering and choreographing was set into motion.... below are a few screenshots of that madness (yes that is my husband pouring ice cold water on himself and yes that is me turning the hose on him, hehe)... although if you really want to see the whole thing - venture here.   The kids waited patiently nearby and Ace waited for his cue to go for his part in the excitement.     At the moment there has not been a response.... but I have no doubt one is coming. 

So we've stayed busy this week with the snow.  Thankfully we have a vehicle that allows us to get around the area and not be totally snowed in.  I personally am not driving it - because I don't trust the greater populous to handle the roads.     The kids enjoy going out and running around in the near FOOT of snow that we now have on the ground and in theory it is all going to start washing away in the next day or so when the rains come.  We shall see - in the meantime - we're enjoying it, knowing it won't last forever!


Mrs. G said...

What silly boys....

Carrie said...

love all the snow pics. looks like fun! brr