Saturday, August 28, 2010

Grum was right!

About what? Well we had our gender ultrasound on Friday, and we found out that our little one growing happily inside is in fact A GIRL! We couldn't be more thrilled and happy... but how is my grandmother right? Well, rewind nearly 2.5 years ago when we had our last gender ultrasound and found out Ace was a boy. I called my grandma to tell her that we were having a boy! We were excited, thrilled, and happy! The first thing out of my grandma's mouth (while she was all of those things!) was "That's ok, the next one will be a girl." Yes, the FIRST thing she said was to inform me that the next one would be a girl... and then of course she congratulated me on a healthy baby boy on the way. :) But I never forgot that and it kind of is bittersweet now that she's no longer here to hear the good news... but I love that she was right! :)
Our little girl is growing and healthy just as she should be. Her heart looks great, her brain is growing and developing as it should, and all her organs are working and functioning. She was modest at times, but she did her job and let us verify that she really is a she! :) Her heartbeat was 138bpm, the calmest either of our babies' heartbeats have ever been! She does love to wave at the camera though. :)

I personally have only gained 8lbs so far. With Ace at this stage in the pregnancy I had gained 15lbs. :) So having a toddler is certainly keeping those extra pounds off, hehe. We discovered that the placenta is over the front of my stomach, but that's nothing more than noted. Since I did not have a c-section with Ace, then it is a non issue with my second pregnancy. However, it does explain why I didn't feel her until later in the pregnancy whereas many second pregnancies women report feeling the baby as early as 14 weeks. I didn't feel her until 17 weeks. But she has some adorable feet and legs to kick me with - and she is a squirmer now!

She's still small enough right now that she can do lots of flips and circling around in there, so she enjoyed flipping over and around throughout the ultrasound, which was fun to be able to watch her movements. :) It was great to see her! We are hoping to see her again in a few weeks, as we're hoping to be able to do a 3D ultrasound closer to the due date. Just have to see if it will be covered by insurance.


Mom said...

This made me smile... Love you!!

BLOGitse said...

oh, how cute...Congratulations!

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