Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sixth Anniversary

It's crazy to think that six years have past since our wedding. Lots of adventures and changes have happened in our lives. Last year for our fifth anniversary we had a little one that wasn't really travel ready, and wasn't really over-night ready, but we were able to go to dinner last year. This year though our little guy was old enough to travel and have a good time out and about - and while we were treating this more as a 'babymoon' than an 'anniversary' trip - it worked out great to be able to celebrate our anniversary in paradise. Thanks again to my mom to coming with us to watch Ace off and on during our vacation adventure, but especially on the night of our anniversary.

Loving Husband and I went to dinner at the Four Seasons Resort at a ocean front restaurant. The weather was perfect. The extreme winds that had been happening earlier in the afternoon had up and disappeared making the weather perfect to sit outside and enjoy the sunset. The food was delicious and then company was perfect. We had a great evening relaxing and enjoy our dinner as the sunset. It was beautiful.

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