Monday, August 30, 2010

Lost and Found

Back in November I lost my camera. Could not find it to save my life. I thought either the men that came to clean the ducts had swiped it or I had left it on the plane. I could not recall any other place it might have been. Then on Sunday of this week, I went to the garage to get a bag that had been living in there for quite some time... November, apparently. I finally needed something that was in it. As I was pulling that something out - there lo and behold was my camera!!! Aaaaah!!! YIPPEE! Just in time for the arrival of MAE.

Now, I have a far nicer camera (thanks to the FIL!) that I use to take most of my pictures (and all of time, since November.) But prior to that, I enjoyed being able to take the small Elph camera with me in the purse/diaper bag. My nice camera is much larger and space consuming, and expensive! so I'm less inclined to tote it with me just for a trip to the mall in the off chance I will need to capture something adorable Ace has been doing. So instead the camera phone has been that substitute, a sub par option, but one that I lived with for 10 months. :)

But then it was found! YAY! Which means the pictures on it from last November were also not gone forever... so on that thought... enjoy the sampling of what was once thought to be gone forever. ;-) which includes Loving Husband and I on Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Ace at 14 months old; on a plane, eating out, at Grammie's, shopping for our remodel, and playing with a bat at Auntie Becky's house.

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Mom said...

Hurray I am glad you found it!!