Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Non-Birthday Party

Ok so life has been crazy this past week. Lot of things happening around here! What was supposed to happen last Saturday was Ace's Second Dinorific Birthday Party!! Mom had spent Friday night crafting this creation for his second birthday cake. I went to sleep late excited to see his excitement at the party to his fancy cake. Alas he woke that morning with a bug... a continuation of existing illness... reflux??? We're actually not sure (a post on these specifics to come later.) However, suffice it to say that he was in no mood to party and so the party was cancelled. He was a clingy bear to his dad most of the morning.

However, not all fun was lost on that day. While he felt pretty sad in the morning. I wanted to still get his balloons blown up, he loves them. I knew that they would lift his spirits some. We also revealed his cake to him and he was pretty excited about his 'dinee cake' which made me happy that he liked it and that he was smiling about something. And without fail after a while, the balloons were the first thing to eventually make him smile after a rough morning.

We still invited the grandparents to brave the (maybe) germs. We had them over and BBQed lunch. In one sense it was good it was just the 5 of us... BBQing in the rain for 25+ would have been less ideal for the chef.

Gran and Pop Pop brought over a present for Ace and he enjoyed it (and still is) immensely. He did some drawing with Gran and we watched a few movies while they were over including The Land Before Time, can't have a dinorific birthday without a dinosaur movie! :) He enjoyed it.

Sadly, due to him being sick first thing in the morning (he threw up twice) his diet was pretty bland for the day. We decided cake certainly would not be ideal on a delicate stomach, so he had to wait until the next day to consume some cake. Of course when he woke on Sunday he was back to 100% and enjoyed snacking on the cake in a very savage fashion with his father... we had a lot of extra cake and no one else was coming to eat it - so the boys got to go to town. Ace still was very clean about the whole thing, made his dad very proud. In fact quite disturbed when some got onto his finger, but recovered after a quick napkin wipe.

So while my boy did not have a blow out bash, that's ok. He still seemed happy enough and got to spend it with some of those that mean the most to him.

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