Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Sunny Saturday

It has been beautiful weather here in the Northwest this past week. Minus the random bout of snow that dropped sporadically around the Puget Sound the last couple of days. Yep, snow in March with cherry blossoms in nearly full bloom. Bizarre! Thankfully, the snow was fleeting and short lived and while it is still brisk outside it is clear and sunny...ok well not today BUT... it's been wonderful.

This past Saturday Ace was so thrilled to be able to play outdoors in just a t-shirt and pants. No coat or bundled layers. He ran everywhere through our yard, exploring what he had forgotten since he had wandered around in the summer.

Yesterday I shared with you these photos. Ace loves to pick his Momma flowers and we are more than happy to have him pick those flowers - picking them while they're flowers at least cuts back a little on more of them spreading their love around our yard. ;-) And so he spent some time doing that. Then he went onto the front yard and found a pretty cool stick. He was fascinated with the hole and carried it around for a long while.

Of course Ace enjoyed playing with the kitties who also were enjoying the sunny weather. Tort and Nickolas enjoyed running around. Tort had a good time hopping up onto the fence and taunting the neighbor's dog. Ace was over-excited wanting to join Tort on the fence. I about died laughing when Ace and Nick were playing peek-a-boo through the grass blades. It all went array when the infamous stick became a bludgeoning tool and Nick found that objectionable.

The fun continued on for a while longer and involved snacking on dried grass, yum! We enjoyed racing each other (yes, I did put the camera down for a bit!) back and forth to the fence - he won - and in another few months (yes months) he likely will be able to win completely legitimately. Ace and I had great afternoon and I captured many memories in pictures.


Carrie said...

He's got such great camera presence :). So cute!

Heather said...

Those pictures are priceless! He is absolutely adorable!!

Alison said...

His expressions are so much fun...I'm jealous of all your cherry blossoms!