Thursday, March 4, 2010

His first phrase!

Over a month ago when I posted this blog I told you that 'coming soon' would be a post about Ace's first phrase. We had even captured this footage at the time of me writing it - I just never did anything with it. Well here it is 4 weeks later and I am finally getting around to doing something about it. You see Ace at 17.5 months old uttered his first phrase and it was finally captured while he was feeding the kitties breakfast one morning. Enjoy!
He did it! Yep Ace's first phrase was "I did it" Although he officially uttered the phrase in this video - he didn't do it with nearly as much excitement and pride that he often does it with (of course not he was on camera.) :) Normally he squeals the phrase with sheer excitement similar to this. Since his first phrase he's added a new one that he uses whether applicable or not.

His second phrase is "All done Mama" Now sometimes he is "All done, Mama" other times he's "All done (with) Mama" Siiigh. Already?! And then many times he is "All done mama" when he's with Dad and Mama isn't anywhere to be found so he's figuring it out bit by bit.

While I'm talking about language and words I'll document the other words that Ace has added to his vocabulary the last couple of weeks:

blinds, hug (I love this one!), breek (break), broak (broke/broken)
mac (macNcheese), greeps (grapes), haar (hair),
cheken (chicken), wine, ouch, turn, booger

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Heather said...

Oh my gosh! He is SO cute!