Monday, March 8, 2010

A Cold or Allergies?

That's been my current debate the last three days. Note the lack of weekend blogging? No it wasn't due to much excitement and adventures being had. No sadly it was mostly due to being sacked out on the couch and conserving enough energy to get up and feed my toddler! With Loving Husband gone for the weekend serving our country, it was just Bear and I hanging out at home. My nose leaking like a faucet and myself cursing the timing.

You see my dear friend Vanessa was due to have her son any day! And in fact he finally arrived (a week late after induction) yesterday. Well rats! I can't go to the hospital to visit a newborn with my nose draining faster than Niagara Falls! But is it allergies or a cold? If it were only allergies then no problem! But arg there's no real way to tell - well there is a slight way to tell - pop an Allegra-D and see what happens... but I knew... So resolved that regardless I was not going anywhere until all symptoms have been gone for 24 hours - I wallowed on the couch.

Sunday I established that while allergies might be a part of this nonsense - when I woke up with my glands swollen and the feverish warm watery eyes - I gave up the battle and resigned myself that I indeed had a cold. I was in fact pretty darn miserable yesterday. Ace on his part - who he himself still has a bit of a cold - did wonderful without much mommy attention. In fact he took care of me. I being laid out on the couch for all moments except for diaper changes and meals, he did very well to entertain himself and even helping mama. He brought me a new tissue box when my other one ran out, simply by me explaining where the new one was. He even went up to my bedroom and brought down my water bottle so that I could rehydrate myself. He was very helpful and constantly kept coming over and asking for a hug ... or offering me one.

This morning I woke conflicted yet again. I woke up sneezing full force - something that yesterday (a rainy day) had subsided. This I've established is the allergens causing that fun symptom. However, I could breathe through my nose again but my glands were pretty swollen... an apparent trade off? Either way I've now got a nice sexy rasp to my voice, can breath through my nose and I have a bit more energy. My glands which were pretty swollen when I woke this morning seem to have calmed down now.. so I think my cold is on the mend. Either way I hate hate hate being sick... and most of all I hate missing meeting the newest addition in the hospital! Boo! I have received word that Mom and Boy get to come home later today! Yipee! :)

So here I sit quarantined and not spreading my germs - but man is it the pits.


brianne said...

Aww bummer! We missed you Friday night! Hope you are feeling better. Give Vanessa our best!!! Can't wait to meet the lil guy.

Stesha said...

Are you feeling better now? I hope so. I think I have a cold too. For the last few hours, I've been sneezing and coughing.

Hugs and Mocha,