Monday, March 22, 2010

A New Car

Ace's, not mine. You see, Ace has been wanting to ride, go, get on, push, and take over the neighborhood with everyone else's toys. They've all been very accomodating and allowing him 'the baby' to play with the toys. However, he has to wait until they are out playing for him to get those opportunities. So Loving Husband and I knew it was time for Ace to get his own 'vehicle' he's still a bit small to ride a tricycle (not by much though) and so we decided to get him a car that he can push himself around in and the tricycle can come sometime this summer when his legs are a tad longer.

Ace enjoyed 'helping' his dad put together the car. Then the family all enjoyed trying out the car. It was determined that the parents don't fit. We also determined that they've shrunk the car since we owned it. Both Loving Husband and myself recall sitting in the car with our siblings and while it wasn't terribly comfortable it was still possible... but there's no way even twin Aces could fit in there.

He's has had a good time play with the car in and outdoors. He's also had plenty of spills and has explored every method of getting in, out, on, and under it. He's survived several crashes and full on crash on top of him spills. He's a busy boy and he's having a blast.


Lori said...

Garrett has a Little Tykes Police Car and I got stuck in it. Then I had an attack of claustrophobia. It was not my finest moment.

FROGGITY! said...

so much fun!! i love those cars. he's a doll!