Thursday, March 25, 2010

fooks and eeees

Samee - sandwich
Dinee - dinosaur
Dadee - dad
Blankee - blanket
Neme - Nemo
Ringee - ring
Watee - water

Ace seems to have developed a bit of a language pattern. :) Yes many MANY things end in 'eeee' and not a one is supposed to :) Now with words such as 'water' and 'dad' he doesn't always have them ending in 'eeee' but often they do. I suppose it depends on his mood. :) And yes mommy is in his vocabulary too, as is mama. I love to watch him work out the words, you can see the little wheels turning in there and he's doing great.

This video was taken earlier in the month, so he's already altered how he says some words including the eye widening 'fook' which for the untrained ear is 'fish'. What we're actually doing in the video is looking at the computer and Bing images. At the moment we were on fooks, and Neme more specifically. He also goes on to say Neme, red, orange, green, and a few others. He loves to look at pictures on the computer... I think computers are in his blood. ;-)

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