Tuesday, March 16, 2010

He Slept Through The Night!

Yes, you read that correctly!

Ace slept through the night!
When we last left off Ace had successfully weaned off breast feeding in the night. He had slept four nights in a row with seven hours stints and then it all fell apart. It's like by blogging it cursed us! OK likely not. What actually happened is that Ace got sick. That did it and until this past Friday sleep was pretty terrible... taking over an hour to get to sleep, crying when he realized we were no longer in the room, taking 2-3 times to fall asleep and then only sleeping for MAYBE 90 minutes before waking. With 'long' sleep cycles lasting 3 hours. Ugh.

Slowly he has regained those hours since Friday. Saturday night he slept for five hours, came into our bed without milk or water and slept for five more. Sunday night he slept for nearly eight hours, brought him into our bed and asked for milk, he was denied and took the water pretty quickly and slept for another hour after that.

Last night he slept for nine hours and fifteen minutes!!! He went to sleep at 10:00pm. (Silly Daylight Savings messing everything all up.) He woke at 7:15 FOR THE FIRST TIME! Loving Husband woke up and nudged me awake and said.. 'Do you realize that it is 7am and Bear is still in his bed?' and my response was 'Really?!' I was excited and then mildly panicked ;-) I made LH go check on him. Our Baby Bear was curled up in a little ball with his legs up under him at the top corner of his bed totally uncovered. He woke up 15 minutes later since Loving Husband was up and moving getting ready for work and likely because he was uncovered. LH brought him into bed and I gave him mama milk and he slept for another hour. So while 10.25 hours is not the lengthiest amount of sleep he had since he has slept eleven hours before. The NINE HOURS (and 15 minutes) is the longest stint of sleep, ever! Our baby toddler slept through the night at eighteen months and 20 days old!

To say I am excited is the most ridiculous understatement. And how fitting that this is the 200th blog that involves Ace. :) We love you, Baby Bear!

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