Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dentist Visit

Yesterday Ace visited the dentist for the second time. The first visit was six months ago and six teeth ago. He did very well and for the first time actually had his teeth cleaned. He loved it. He paused as he needed water and let Barb his dental hygienist give him a little water and then get back to cleaning with toothpaste! They used the electric tooth brush and Ace couldn't get enough of it. After he was done getting his teeth clean we had a while to wait until the dentist could come and do the 'official' check up.

While we were waiting Barb entertained him with playing with the water and the sucker tools. Ace had a blast and a few tastes of water. He also played with his light turning it on and off - or at least requesting it.
He still is not a huge fan of the actual dentist - which I can't say I blame him - his 'bed side' manner leaves a lot to be desired... and since he really only sees the dentist for 5-10 minutes he'll survive.

To date Ace has 12 teeth - his bottom molars are all the way in and the top two are 80% broken through the gums. The dentist says that he's right on schedule for a boy his age. As I mentioned, Ace enjoyed having his teeth cleaned! He did not love so much having the fluoride paste painted onto his teeth ... but I think it was because the dentist was doing it and well ... as I have said .... he is not a fan. He's gotten a clean bill of teeth-health and they say his teeth are looking great! Still we were encouraged to wipe his teeth off in the night after his bottle - and the added tip of a warm wash cloth was suggested so as to not jar him back awake after falling asleep.

We're scheduled to return the day after he turns two! Until then we are going to continue to brush his teeth twice a day with a tiny amount of toothpaste and floss once a day. We'll see about flossing every day. I'll try... it's not that he doesn't like it - the times I have flossed his teeth he has been very cooperative. We left the dentist with a bath toy duck, which Ace loves, lots of floss 'sticks', a new toothbrush, and high praise for his attentive parents. Ah shucks ;-)

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Gem said...

My older son is terrified of the dentist. At the last visit the hygenist didn't even bother checking his teeth! I have yet to take my 1 yo to the dentist though...I know I should soon...

Sounds like Aiden had a lot of fun and hopefully he'll continue to enjoy the dental visits!