Thursday, February 18, 2010


Daytona 500? Fortune 500? nope! 500 blog posts! Indeed it is true! This here is my 500th post! It doesn't seem possible that in 2004 when I started blogging that I would ever create 500 posts and yet I have done so with this one!

I first started blogging to keep up with friends - college was over and had been for me for two years - people were really starting to spread out and leave the area to go onto bigger and better things. So I started the blog to keep up with them. Originally I was a LiveJournaler my blog was called 'Life, Legal Work, and Law School' it then evolved into 'Life, Legal Work, and Lecturing' - and then I blogged on Myspace - but both of those mediums were all but abandoned by well... everyone and so I merged those two blogs into this one and became The A-Priori Mommy. So all my blogging history is present and accounted for. You can read all about the days leading up to our wedding. You can read about my love hate relationship with the bar exam and I was such a fair-weather blogger at that time I didn't even blog about actually passing! Which I found out I did in May of 2007 and woke a lot of people up in the middle of the night (including my boss!) and celebrated the next day on a boat drinking champagne ALL DAY with my coworkers (a prearranged activity.) Or you could read about my pregnancy and the excitement of first hearing Ace's heartbeat.

Or you could read none of that and that's a-ok; because the point of my blogging isn't to gather a massive following, to please the unknown or anonymous scoffer, or to entertain people (although always a nice bonus if I can!) but to document our lives for myself and my child as time carries on. I love that I am able to go back to my blog to recall an event, to remember details that I wouldn't otherwise have retained in my memory, to share my life with family and friends that are afar.

I love to write and this blog provides me with that outlet. It allows me to channel a creative element that as a SAHM mom might otherwise me stifled because I am no longer writing CYA letters, I am no longer writing briefs, complaints, biting and poignant emails that alter the course of a case. I am writing about far more important things and creating a journal of our lives. Whether my son ever reads it is not important - and I am sure as he continues to age and do things that are more embarrassing that he and his father will starts to spout more and more you can't put that in your blog ... things will get interesting around this here blog ... more babies another baby* might arrive ... I might go back to work ... we might move across the country. Who knows what the life of this blog might hold.

I've evolved through many different things on this blog - some short lived, some very short lived. Tipsy Tuesdays, Java Jaunt with Jo, Reviews and Giveaways. None are dead forever, perhaps I'll resurrect some of these things in the future - but for now I choose to focus on the happenings in our lives and what is going on.

So here it is, the 500th post - and only 186 of them were about Ace. :) So if you're a reader I hope you enjoy The A-Priori Mommy and thank you for following our lives and our stories. I truly have enjoyed the cyber-friendships that have formed from this blog. It is a blessing to 'know' you. Here's to 500 more posts in our future! The milestone should arrive more rapidly since 300 of my 500 were in 2009 alone :)

*No that is not a hint, announcement, or proclamation of any immediate future plans.


Crazee Juls said...

:) yay. It's been great to get to know you through your blog. Congrats on 500!

Mom said...

Once a lawyer always a lawyer. Always putting in disclaimers.. How can a good rumor get started?? Love you

FROGGITY! said...

congrats! you're a busy blogger!

FranticMommy said...

Congrats! Thanks for stopping by my blog on my SITS day. And what a great day it was! I don't do giveaways often (they make me crazy) but I am doing one now for a really cool kids book. Pop by and enter to win. thanks bunches!

Mocha Dad said...

Wow! 500 post? I'm amazed. One day I hope to reach this milestone.