Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Do I now owe the franchise money for utilizing the words "Super Bowl" - yikes there I go again - I certainly hope I don't! and as far the logo to the left here, I've taken an image and enhanced it added my 'creative' element to it - so while I may be utilizing an NFL based logo and all of New Orleans for that matter - I have certainly added elements to make this adaptation fair use (and even if I didn't because I didn't are they honestly going to care? Yes, no... maybe.) My 'dissertation' in law school was on copyright law - sorry it seeps out every now and again and certainly whenever the NFL is involved as they think anything is their right to restrict and claim ownership over. I digress.

Yes today it is time for the National Treasure that last year 31% of the U.S. population tuned in to enjoy (roughly speaking). It is the second biggest 'snack' day of the year, second only to New Years. 8 million lbs of guacamole will be consumed, along with a healthy 14,500 tons of chips! Which likely attributes to the 20% increase in the sale of antacids and 6% of Americans calling in sick on the Monday after the Super Bowl (oops said it again!) and finally in the random fact section a PSA - there is only one day with a higher alcohol related car accident rate and that is St. Patrick's Day - so be careful!

And yes, I am rooting for the Saints! 100% - no question! It's nice to have a team going to the SB that I have a desire to see win. The last few years it's just been eh pick one at the beginning of the game and root for 'em. However this year the Saints are playing - and while I am a fan of Reggie Bush (his game not personality) and Drew Brees (bet the Chargers are bumming hard they let him go now!) it goes much deeper than that. You see I'm rooting not only for myself but also for my dad who was a die-hard Saints fan all his life. The Saints (as you might have heard) are making their first appearance in the SB today! Yes, the team founded in 1967 is now on the road to their first Super Bowl (last time I swear!) victory!

Go Saints!

The last time Ace (10 weeks old) watched a Saint's game.
New Orleans vs. San Diego - Saints won 37-32!
I think it's a sign of good things to come today!


FROGGITY! said...

Dats right Geaux Saints!!!!!!!!!!!

This city is so electrified right now, I could blast off to the moon... eeeekkk!

Heather said...

Does this mean I should steer clear of your blog until Alex and I finish watching the game? :) We have to watch after the fact via DVR thanks to his work schedule.

karin said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! WHO DAT!!! I was so happy for the Saints today!

Newlywed + Unemployed said...

Woo! They won!

Stopping by from SITS!