Monday, February 1, 2010

Momma Hot

Today I woke with a raging headache and by noon I had a delightful fever to go with it. By the time Ace went down for a nap (12:30pm) I was spent and went to my own bed to snooze for a while. I managed to get 40 minutes of sleep and then the doorbell rang - damn it! I bolted downstairs unaware of the ringer was one of those that does it multiple times - my sleep was spoiled but I swear if Ace's was that poor Ringer would have had her neck rung. As you might suspect bolting out of bed with a raging headache is not the best medicine. Siiigh. I managed to dismiss the Ringer as politely as I could without killing her and checked on Ace. Still out. Back to bed I went - but sleep did not return to me.

I laid there for another 20 minutes and I heard Ace wake and get out of bed. I called to him to let him know I was in my room and he came to join me. He crawled up on my bed and gave me a kiss on my forehead. And then he sat up and said "hot" ... "Momma hot" Yes, yes I was - my fever was 101.2 - but that kiss on the forehead was enough to melt my heart and make me smile. He laid on my chest for about 15 minutes without squirming or moving. It was good snuggly time with my boy.