Saturday, February 13, 2010

Garland of Hearts

A couple of weeks ago my friend Stacy posted one of her latest projects. It was the cutest heart garland. Considering I had just brought out my Valentine's decor to discover, I didn't have as much as I thought - this heart garland would be adorable to display.

One of the perks of this project is that it cost me $2.50. I purchased the multicolored yarn, but otherwise I just used yarn that I had from previous projects. Being relatively a new crocheter - I had never done anything with rounded edges - so a heart was a new challenge. The pattern was easy enough to read and Stacy helped me with the decrease issue I was having. After she walked me through that the hearts were super easy to complete.

I had originally set out to make 8 of them, but then upon reviewing the location I had in mind to put them, I realized that I didn't have the space for that many and so I settled on five. I started a little over two weeks ago and worked on these hearts in between other projects. Each heart took me about an average of 40 minutes (I'm not the fastest crocheter.) After I finished the 5, I strung them and hung them up on Thursday evening.

I think the feat I'm most proud of... is that I completed this project before the actual holiday :)


Gem said...

So pretty!

Stesha said...

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays. I wish I had some of those hearts to decorate my house!

Hugs and Mocha,

FROGGITY! said...

how creative! i love it! wish i had the time/creativity... haha