Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Park

While much of the east is buried in snow, the west or at least the northwest is beautiful and the second that the sun shines, my son wants to walk! And let's be honest even when it is pouring rain he is clamoring to get out and "walk" it honestly doesn't matter. He knows the word, he knows the concept, he knows what it means and he wants to "walk!"

So yesterday after a nap and after lunch we headed out to a local park. We didn't walk to this particular park, because in order to get to it there are several main roads and Ace wouldn't be able to do much walking at all - so we drove. This park was targeted specifically because it has a 'toddler' size jungle gym. Yep - it allows Ace to climb up and all over it all on his own and gives him some freedom to play as he will... and play he did! Over, under, and through!

He had a wonderful wonderful time, but school let out and it became crowded and he's still not terribly assertive and tends to get run over by the bigger less polite children and so we headed home. The plan was to walk to see the ducks after we stopped at the house to grab some bread, but when we got home the neighbors were gathering to walk to another park and so we decided to join them. Ace always has a good time going with the neighbors. There are some older girls (9 and 10) that love to play with him when we get to the playground and they have a fabulous time climbing all over the play area. It was a good day for parks and playing around.
Today was swim lessons again and he had a blast as always! Today was 'Mat' day and that is the day that we concentrate on the kids playing on floating mats on the water. It helps them have some independence in the water and gathering good tummy muscles all at the same time. Ace had a blast playing with all the toys on the mat. Last time we did the mats he wasn't thrilled but today he nearly threw a fit when we took him off! :) He had a great time. He continues to show extended breath control underwater and is doing well at feeling safe in the water. He's doing great and I couldn't be happier than when we're playing in the pool. Although he still seems to feel that back floating is his nemesis.


Mommy to a lil lady[bug] said...

that first picture is just adorable. I wish we could venture to the park but 20 in of snow is stoping us!

FROGGITY! said...

such a cutie!! i love days at the park, no matter the temp! :)