Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thirteen Months Old

Ace started off his second year of life with a great start. More firsts for Ace included: his first happy meal, his first trip to the library.

Ace's language skills are improving on a regular basis. He now says "nigh nigh" on occasion when he is ready to go to sleep. Sometimes that proves to be a false statement on his behalf causing mommy 90 minute nigh-nigh routines until he finally gives up the wiggle-worm fight and drifts off to slumber land. He waves 'bye bye' to people when it is time to go nigh-nigh. The other day he pointed to a book and said 'book' there was a witness, so I wasn't crazy, but he has yet to repeat this verbal identification. He does regularly refer to me as momma now, not just when he's hungry, sleepy, or cranky - so that's nice. :)

Ace's motor skills also are expanding on a regular basis. His latest venture in mobility has been testing out his toes. Yes, Ace is enjoying discovering his tippie-toes. He continues to stand on them and every now and again we see him trying to jump. It's only a matter of time before he's jumping off the ground - quickly followed by jumping off the furniture which he has mastered climbing. :)

Ace also is recognizing and understand more and more. He understands 'On and Off' and 'In and Out' (we utilize this often for picking up all those ball that he enjoys playing with so much) and also he recognizes characters. Nemo of course has been ingrained in his memory bank for some time now. However, now he's expanded into Buzz and Woody. Yes we are quite the Pixar family around here. He is doing wonderful with his listening and understanding and deciphering what people say to him. We are all thrilled with his comprehension levels.

A week ago Ace enjoyed his fifth trip on a plane. The first time since he's been truly mobile, so it present a bit of a challenge for mommy. While we did have the seat next to us empty, it wasn't known until boarding was complete and therefore not enough time to get his carseat up and into the seat before takeoff. So while we had the extra space, we had plenty of wiggling and squirming to do. Overall he did wonderfully. The gentleman on the aisle seat was happy to utilize his legs as a wall and didn't mind Ace running into him and back and forth. The flight home was easier as we knew ahead of time the availability of a free seat and so we just loaded Ace straight onto the plane in his seat. That flight was treated just as a car ride and Ace did great.

He also had an other great trip to California and had a good time seeing lots of Aunties, Grandma and even extra Grandmas :) He did great while mommy helped host a bridal shower, and also did wonderful while we dragged him all over the place doing other bridal type things. He was a great traveler. I hope the trend continues.

According to Grandma's scale Ace weighs 19.5lbs and from the looks of things has grown a bit taller, although no official measurement has been taken since his 12th month appointment.

Ace is doing wonderful and is a very happy boy. Pictures will be added soon come back later to see!


Mom said...

Little man is growing up!!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

He's growing by leaps and bounds... thanks for sharing his progress. I can't wait to see his pictures.
Love the fall layout of your blog... I think I may have said so already, but just in case I haven't, I wanted you to know. :-)