Monday, September 28, 2009

A night off

Every mother needs a night off from being "mommy". A night where you can put your wallet into a purse and out of the diaper bag and go out on the town. Wear heels knowing you won't need to chase down a mobile toddler. Don earrings knowing they won't be ripped out of your ears. Wear a shirt that doesn't require easy access to baby-milk. Every mother needs these nights of sanity.

I needed this night of sanity. It had been a while since I had been out - sans my son - in a long time. With a trip to Cali with Ace in my care 24-7 "free time" was non-existent unless he was compliantly unconscious; and while that did exist between 10pm-2am consistently, my social circle during those hours was minimal at best. So after a long two weeks I finally cashed in on my husband's insistence to get out of the house! It didn't take too much twisting of the arm... especially since getting Ace to sleep these days has been a challenge (and THAT is the biggest understatement of the year, FYI!)

I had planned to see a movie with a group of friends, but that fizzled into nothing and I was left this afternoon thinking that I was once again stuck at home. Damn. I'm not a HUGE fan of going out by myself... and while I do find shopping to be a solo experience that is enjoyable it wasn't really in the budget. In the end it worked out that two of my friends after a long day of packing were game to go to the Purple Cafe, a wine bar! What a DELIGHTFUL turn of events that turned out to be.

We headed there around 7 and closed the restaurant down. We sat at the bar and enjoyed yummy food and delicious flights of wine. Our bartender, the same one we've had previously on our adventures to Purple was as helpful, informative and fun as ever. It was a wonderful evening with yummy food and delicious wine. The restaurant closed at 9; and we left at 9:45 after enjoying several sample glasses tastes of various bottles the staff was finishing off. We might just return there at about the same time next week ;-)

Overall I found it to be a perfect way to regroup my non-mommy side of myself. It's what I needed to regain some sanity, and just to unwind. And it was a ton of fun as well. I very much did enjoy my night off.


S Club Mama said...

See, the friend thing is my problem when Anthony wants me to get out. I don't know what to do and I don't have anyone to call. And, like you, the shopping isn't exactly budgeted in for the next 10 years lol.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

What a great night that sounds like! I bet Aidan slept really well that night after nursing, too. :-)
Hope he starts sleeping better for you, I'll bet he's getting some pretty big teeth coming in... huh?

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Brochure Printing said...

Oh... wine, cocktails, food, and friends. The only things you'll ever need to unwind. :D That sounds like a lot of fun. I'm sure you had fun.