Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Swimming lessons & the park

When I was a baby my mom and I did swimming lessons around the age of 6 months. I was a super tiny baby in fact I wore size 6 month clothes through the age of 18 months. We attended the local Y for these "Mommy & Me" classes. Apparently the pool wasn't heated very well and since I was a skinny-mini I did not have an enjoyable time. The times have changed folks!

Since the time I found out that I was pregnant I knew that I wanted to at least try "Mommy & Me" Swim with my son. If he hated it, well then fine - we'd at least know and not try again for a few years. I thought it would be a good time for mommy and son to bond. So I went on the hunt, I did try to find something through the local Y - but no dice, not one Mommy & Me any type of class. I found that strange, ah well - I continued to look and I finally happened across a company that specializes in swimming for infants in the Northwest and so I signed us right up! The sessions are 30 minutes once a week from now until late June for $165. Not too shabby I say and we get 2 free swims with that fee. The pool we attend is heated no lower than 89' but usually ranges between 91'-93'and both mom AND dad can attend if available for no extra charge. Sounds perfect for us! So I signed Ace and I up for the 4-9 month swim class.

Today was our first class, we were in a class with 7 other babies and mommies and all of them did really well. Ace was the splasher of the class. Maybe next week mommy won't wear her contacts - or perhaps goggles will come in handy. We arrived at the pool and I changed Ace into his swim diaper. This program requires cloth (non-disposable) swim diapers and so I put him in his stylish blue one... and he proceed to pee all over us. Because while the diaper is GREAT at containing poop... not so absorbent on the pee end of things. So before we even got in the pool, we were wet. Siiigh.

So sitting waiting to get in the pool with my little squirmy worm in my arms, soaked in his ...blessing, we listened to the instructor teach us about "Sit, Listen & Wait" teaching the babes how to wait to get in the water and not just dive head first in. They are still a tad young to understand this concept, but start the repetition early and it will be beneficial later. After we all got in the water we acclimated by chewing on a floaty toy. The one Ace chose: an orange fish. :) No shock there. We walked around a bit and then sang a hello song and introduced all the babies to each other. Then we all were in a circle and having the babies push a ball around and then kick it around. The class goes by fast since it's only 30 minutes, but the only thing Ace wasn't terribly thrilled with was the floating part. Being on his back with his ears in the water. He was ok once they were both under but he was so squirmy they didn't want to stay there very long. Overall the first class went great! No screams or severe agitation with the events.

We somehow manged to get dressed and dry after a quick mommy and me shower and then headed to the park. We had to play for a bit so that we were legally parked. ;-) So since I was unable to take photos while swimming. Don't you fret - we'll get some during free swim in the near future! I took a few of Ace on the swing. He was semi-tired but also very contemplative of what was going on around him. There was a kid swinging in the other swing that both fascinated and annoyed him and thus the look we have here on his face!


Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

I'm such a bad mama...I haven't done swim lessons with either of my boys...in part because I don't want to get in a bathing suit. (How horrible is that?)

That's great that your son had a good time. He's bound to have a better time with every lesson as he gets used to it. And I bet he loves some quality mama time too!

His face in that pic is too funny!

Donnetta said...

They wanted him in CLOTH swim diapers?!?! Wow. They are brave!

And they put YOU in the war zone!

Mommy & Me classes are so much fun!

Crazee Juls said...

Oh fun... I never even thought about a mommy & me swim class when the girls were younger. What fun! :)

I love the swing picture-his face is priceless!

Stesha said...

That look on his face is priceless! I would love to do swim lessons with my children, but I can't swim:(

Hugs and Mocha,

Connie said...

I wandered here from 3 Bay B Chicks. I liked hearing about the swimming lessons. My 'babies' are elementary school kids now, but I always enjoyed getting them in the water. No classes though. They went through phases of liking the water, and not liking it - probably a result of gaining confidence, gaining maturity and learning to be aware of danger, regaining confidence etc. At 6 & 8yo, they are pretty strong in the water, which lets me relax (some!). Water safety is so important and everyone should know how to swim, the sooner the better.

Alison said...

Sounds like fun (minus the swim diaper situation!)

MaryRC said...

love the look on his face, "Hey Dude, stop showing off, its not very becoming." Its so great that you are ahead of the game, my 2 monkeys failed their first swimming lessons at ages 7 and 4. I realized at a late age that my kids didn't know how to swim, how terrible is that. Now they are a couple of fish and I make it a point to be in the water lots during the summer.

Kristen said...

I love that look. He prob learned it from you! Heck yeah I want pics from swim class.

queenoftheclick said...

It's awesome that you have Aiden in the water at an early age. I like that the class will allow your husband to go to if he wants sometimes.