Monday, April 27, 2009

Blog Swap Goodies!

Kati hosted a Favorite Things Swap!

I had a wonderful swapping partner! Monique from Single-Wide Cottage was my swapping partner! I had such a great time picking out things for her. I hope she likes them! :) When her package arrived I was sooo excited, but my camera battery was dead!! I had to wait for the charge so that I could unwrap it via photos! Man that was a long wait... it's always those times that the baby is totally content to just hang out by himself, no diaper change required, no nursing necessary... but when I want to do something right away. ;-) Well you know the drill.

So battery charged and Ace and I dug in!

Instantly I see some tasty wafer bits, yum! And cookie cutters I LOVE cookie cutters and I have NONE for Halloween! It is her favorite holiday!

Ace was particularly interested in the card. Pretty sure that will be one of the only times in the next decade that the card wins the attention over the present!

She brought me back Salt Water Taffy from Santa Cruz! Yummy! And M&Ms MY favorite!

This was such a great box of goodies! There was a fuchsia candle holder and the green basket (her favorite colors) a little thing of seeds in a tiny pot for flowers. A moleskin and pen, something she is never without! An Agatha Christie novel, she loves to read and has been on an AC kick and that was one of her favorites! Neat, can't wait to read her again - I haven't since high school! Lip gloss, tea! Finally a vanilla candle that she made herself! Very crafty lady!!
So thank you to Monique! Can't wait to see whatever one else's packages included! I've been enjoying mine for a few days now. :)


The Red Headed Mama said...

Awesome package!!! This is my first swap and I'm so excited about it!!

(BTW, I have an Aiden too..only he's 6!!)

single wide cottage said...

so glad you liked it!! Glad you liked the card lol!

valentine said...

what a fun swap! i love, love halloween. i am lovin your blog.

oh, stopped by from SITS

Kati said...

Awesome Package! Glad you had fun!!

Kristen said...

Ooh! You got the goodies! And in record time. I can't wait to get mine :)

Emma said...

Awesome package with way cool stuff!! I love Halloween!!

Valerie said...

I agree awesome package! Oooh salt water taffy and M & M's yummy!

pam said...

Great package! Love all your swap items.