Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Glowing Orb

It is a strange phenomenon. It produces heat on occasion. It causes the condition of eye squinting. Some people see it all the time, others of us are hardly familiar with it. What IS that glowing orb? Why I'm told it's the sun! Well, hello there Mr. Sun it has been many many months since you have shined down warmth on us. I almost forgot you produced heat at all! Ace, this warm feeling in the sky is not the product on a heater or hot water, no this is nature's way of heating the earth. Some places around the world or even the west coast for that matter get this warm feeling from this glowing orb far more often that we do! But yes my son, on this warm day that heat is being produced by: the SUN!

Yes, Mr. Sun has decided to grace the Northwest with its presence and warmth! And my oh my how delighted I am in it's presence. Please stay around, don't just tease us with these warm spring air and then hide behind those ever famous clouds and gloom! The trees have begun to bloom, there are buds on our tree outside! The cherry blossoms are blooming - it's gorgeous around here! So for now I'll enjoy this delightful sunny day outside.

Ace seems to be enjoying his packNplay out on the deck and the warm air with a nice cool breeze that makes the air just perfect. It is the perfect weather day! Enjoy it all you Northwesterns!

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Donnetta said...

Cute pic!!

I'd love for some warmth here! It's freakin' COLD!!!