Monday, April 13, 2009

Eden Fantasys Lingerie Review

**EDIT! The Promotional code has been fixed**

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming ladies and gents to bring you something for Mommy, so if you are under 18 please visit a different post or two of mine. This is a good G rated post, as is this one. However the following post is for the eyes of Mommy and Daddy only!

The blogosphere is all a-buzz with rave reviews about Eden Fantasys and their variety of products. Over at All in A Mom's Life she has reviewed one of Eden Fantasys books, hop on over to Country Girl, City Life and see a more intimate review of one of Eden Fantasys sex toys and here at The A-Priori Mommy I am reviewing an item out of their lingerie catalogue... but we will get to that in a moment! First let me tell you about the company.

About Eden Fantasys:
I have to say that this company is well received in my book. Often going to websites for adult toys leads you to unseemly advertisements that is nothing short of porn. Eden Fantasys is is very well designed and everything on the site is tastefully laid out. It isn't dark and creepy. The representative that I dealt with is extremely professional and the shipping was super quick.

Eden Fantasys is above the mark when it comes to providing their clientele with information, especially those weary of purchasing adult toys, lingerie, or party favors and gags (they carry them all!) It's true they aren't just about sex toys! They have an exhaustive FAQ section for almost any question you can ask and their Guarantees are amazing!
  • All US orders get $5.95 flat standard shipping on either UPS Ground or USPS Priority regardless order's size; and if your order is $59+ shipping is free!
  • Eden Fantasys ships in plain brown boxes. And they charge under WM so nobody will know whose charge is on your banking statement.
  • Eden Fantasys also will provide you with a return shipping label for Free!
Lingerie Review:
First and foremost I will say that the lingerie offered by Eden Fantasys is amazingly well priced! That is the first thing that caught my eye! For example this number a lace baby doll with g-string for $10.99! $10.99!? Wow! And to no surprise they are all sold out at the moment! No kidding with such a great deal hard to keep that baby on the shelf! So if you're looking for some quality time in the bouduair with your husband during these economic tough times, keep an eye out for the restock!

I am here to tell you about this piece of lingerie!

This Corset style babydoll is made of satin and mesh and is a set that comes with the babydoll and g-string. This is a new item for Eden Fantasys and for a corset is priced very well. Something like this at VS would run upwards of $100+ but at Eden Fantasys this set is $48.99. The website describes this babydoll:

Show your assets in this playful set. A corseted middle emphasizes your waist while the ruffled sheer top playfully reveals your bust. The flirty ruffled skirt completes this cute babydoll set.

I would have to agree! It's a little bit of everything! Peasant, meets vampire, meets dom... ahem. So much to my husband's dismay, luke warm interest, elation we decided to test run review this product.

First the product is very soft! The fine mesh that is used for the bodice and the skirt are great. The corset laces up nicely and the ribbon used to lace it up glides easily to adjust for your middle. Meaning that it only takes one person to get into it! Nothing like ruining the surprise when you have to have your husband come in to get you IN the thing in the first place. No issue though with this corset! Getting into it is easy and getting out of it even easier!

There are only two things that could be considered remotely negative about this lingerie, and neither would prevent me from purchasing. The hook & eye pieces that hold the corset together pop open a little too easily. Some might consider this a positive feature when considering lingerie, but I would prefer it to hold just a tad better. The only other negative is that it is a handwash only item (as most lingerie is.)

Overall, the lingerie was a nice addition to the evening and I highly recommend* Eden Fantasys for your lingerie shopping needs!

Now a Guest Snippet from an independent thoroughly and enthusiastically biased third party:

Reflecting that the A-Priori Mommy has practiced law and taught a variety of communication courses at the collegiate level, I thought that framing this review in those terms would be best. First, let's begin with a definition of communication: "Communication is the process of conveying information from a sender to a receiver with the use of a medium in which the communicated information is understood the same way by both sender and receiver." If it hasn't already, the relevance of this definition will soon become abundantly clear. :)

As with any thing worn in this genre, 99.9% of it's value is in the message it sends, and the remaining 0.1% is spread out among its functional design, freedom of movement, and aesthetic appeal. In this 0.1%, the piece from Eden Fantasys serves its purpose extremely well. In my experience, res ipsa loquitur - The thing speaks for itself. And though I am not directly involved in the production of this blog, I am always thrilled to be an "amicus curiae". ;^D

Eden Fantasys has generously provided a 15% discount for the readers of this blog off any item in their shop! Enter KISS09 to receive your 15% off the item of your choosing when you check out.

* The A-Priori Mommy and Eden Fantasys are not responsible for any injury or issue (aka children) that are created by said product. By this statement both The A-Priori Mommy and Eden Fantasys are here by released of any and all liabilities resulting from the proper or improper use of the above stated product.


Kristen said...

I like how it provides a little coverage...not like I need it! Great review! Where's your release of liability statement?

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That's is very cute! I remember reading about Eden Fantasies and their toys on Wif O'Riley's blog...I'm off to take a look at their website! Thanks for the review

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Drew G said...

Hey Everyone Drew G here from Eden Fantasys. Just noticed the coupon code above has an extra letter in it. 15% off code should be KISS09. Sorry for any confusion.